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Maximize the ROI of your Prospect List – Drill, drill, drill


 When selecting your criteria for a mail, phone, or email list, marketers need to think long and hard about which prospects might be of the most value. Blindly choosing just based on geography will only get you so far.

In the direct marketing industry, we call this drilling down.

Cemeteries and Funeral Homes should consider people who are most likely to purchase a pre-need plan. It’s not just about age and income; it’s about pre-disposition.  Death care marketers need to drill down to locate those households with life insurance and retirement planning who can afford a program.

For marketers who offer final expense or burial insurance, drill down to locate those households that have a tendency to buy small life insurance policies that will leave their families enough money to pay for the funeral expense. 

There are way too many instances where people just mail to mail or call to call because that’s what’s in their marketing plan…and, while we appreciate the business, we’d prefer to see marketers drill down to get the best prospects for their goals.

Marketers need to understand the potential lifetime ROI of a new client and they need to work with their resource to choose their prospects carefully and drill, drill, drill to reach the prospects who can deliver the greatest ROI.


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