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Nelson Mandela: Not Mourned, but Celebrated


Not too long ago, the world celebrated the life of Nelson Mandela. The entire world watched on national television a “Memorial Service” where dignitaries from all over the globe set aside their differences and gathered together to share stories, reflect, and honor a man who was not just an advocate of change and humanitarian, but also just a regular guy who loved his family and friends. The natives of Mandela’s country were not sad nor were they moping -- they were dancing, singing, chanting and full of smiles. They were not “mourning” they were “celebrating” or “paying tribute” to the life that he lived and his accomplishments made during his lifetime.

Truth be told, the world could learn one more lesson from Nelson Mandela -- and that is not to mourn, but to celebrate, gather together and share the stories that heal the heart.

The culture in the United States is not one of embracing death in a celebratory fashion. Norms for funerals in the states have been more ceremonial, ritualistic and very somber. The vast majority of our culture does not “celebrate,” they mourn. In my opinion, as a whole, we have turned into a death adverse society. We have accepted that death is a fact of life, but in a few very short decades we have become very reluctant to adhere to the previous funeral norms that our parents and grandparents adhered to. The baby boomer generation is once again changing the look and feel of a funeral, just like they did the school systems, cars, child birth, etc.

My husband, son, and myself are all in the funeral profession. Dale and I are boomers and my son is a Gen Xer. Maybe it’s time we, as a profession, provide a solution for our cohorts instead of lamenting for the funerals of day’s past. It’s time we stop pontificating about “educating” the consumer like Tom Lynch (New York Times best selling author and licensed funeral director and funeral home owner) recommends and listen to the voice of the family.

There is no longer a cookie cutter approach to honoring one’s life.

Traditional ritualistic venues may work for a segment of our families -- but what about the others? Maybe, just maybe, we can show families that we (the majority of funeral home professionals and funeral home owners) get it. It’s evident that we are our own problem and need to get out of our own way and change our verbiage, our clothing, our decor, and possibly our employee base.

If the general public can begin to perceive us as “regular” people, and not how the media has portrayed our profession to be, as uptight, money hungry, and frankly quite “odd” (due to our nature of business), the general public just may want to call on us, enter our facilities, allow us to wait on them and know that when they step through our front door, they, too, can pay tribute in a celebratory or even non-celebratory fashion that is comfortable for them, and not just go through the paces because we tell them what to do.

Families may not end up dancing in the streets like they were for Mandela, but there is no harm in them choreographing their own dance with our guidance.

What are your thoughts? I'd love for you to continue this dialogue with me! Please share your thoughts by emailing me at, or my blog To purchase my recently authored book, “Navigating the Elder Care Journey…Without Going Broke!”  go to

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Quick & Useful Tips for Creating Compelling Direct Mail Copy



Direct mail continues to work for those cemeteries and funeral homes who do it right. The mailing list, the creative, and the offer are the “Big 3” you need to get right.
It’s not easy to create direct mail copy that works. We can learn by trial and error or we can simply go with what works.
These tips will help you trim your copy and make it more effective.
  • Know your objective and have a clear call to action for the reader (e.g. Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX today…or Order today for your Free Gift).
  • Always include a P.S. Many people read the P.S. first, so don’t waste it. It always lifts response.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Read your copy out loud and get rid of all the extra words that you don’t use when you talk. “That” is the most overused word – it can almost always be eliminated.
  • It’s OK to start a sentence with “and” or “but.”
  • Keep sentences short.
  • Use bullets with active words. We’ve all learned to skim. Make it easy for your reader to read & understand your message and act on it quickly
For more information about Direct Marketing Lists or Direct Mail response, please visit the section of Dataman Group website devoted to the Death Care  or call the Dataman Group office at (561) 451-9302.e-mail 
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A Simple Thank You offers online guestbook for Mandela


A Simple Thank You offers you the opportunity to leave your condolences for Nelson Mandela online at There's also a link directly from the South African Consulate in Chicago.

Don't Waste Time: Hire A Kansas City DUI Lawyer


When you've been charged with a DUI or DWI it's simple to give up. What many don't understand is that before a court case, your charges aren't final. It's not unusual for people to seek advice from those closest to them, as well as from the web. The most helpful guidance, however, would come from a Kansas City DUI lawyer. As with any charge you get, only a legal professional can really tell you the chances you've got for winning a case, or helping reduce your results. The sooner you can get help with your case, the better your chances. Speak with an attorney immediately to begin receiving help with your case.

If you don't understand the legalities surrounding these cases,your likelihood of winning is small. A Kansas City DUI lawyer specializes in the laws as well as the way in which they work within these cases, which gives them a much greater opportunity at fighting these charges. DUI and DWI lawyers have been trained in particular litigation tactics, understand the many different possibilities for lessening your results, as well as understand the way the prosecution will attack the case. Without this knowledge, you have little to no chance of winning in a court.

For many folks, the premise is the fact that a Kansas City DUI lawyer isn't going to be able to do much to help their case anyhow, so they might as well save the cash. There's important information that individuals might not know. In Kansas and Missouri, there is a small time frame to challenge your case. In the event you speak to a DUI attorney immediately, your odds of maintaining your license and getting a good start on your case are substantially higher. By hiring a lawyer, you could be saving your freedom.

Whenever you are pulled over by a police officer, there has to be probable cause. Only someone trained in the law, like a Kansas City DUI lawyer, can see a mistake in the conduct of an officer in legal terms. Some could believe they could argue for themselves in court. They intend to stand in front of a judge, and simply state that the officer really had no reason to pull them over. It really is unlikely that an argument like that is going to be convincing in a court. It's improbable that one may win a DUI case without an attorney. Having a lawyer fight for your side gives you your best shot.

Some of the most powerful tools that a Kansas City DUI lawyer may bring to the table is knowledge. You will find two sides to the law. Having a working understanding of it means a lawyer knows both how it can help your case, and how it can damage your case. An attorney can look at the details of your own case. Founded on the evidence they find, they may be able to help the law work in your favor. Finding inconsistencies in police work, tests, and probable cause, can all lead to lesser consequences, or at times, your case being dismissed.

Any Kansas City DUI lawyer should have a great comprehension of how breathalyzer and blood tests work. If you aren't able to claim against the details of the tests, it stands against you in court. As this is often one of the primary pieces of evidence in your case, choosing not to fight it will most likely result in conviction. By having a professional helping you in the details of your own case, your odds of winning are much higher.

It isn't uncommon for police officers to make errors when administering Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). For the last few decades, FSTs have been standardized through the country. Whenever a police officer administers the test there are rules to follow. It must adhere to national standards. In case that there is a deviation from these standards, the tests frequently become unreliable. Any great Kansas City DUI attorney is trained and understands the appropriate administration of the tests. If there has been an error in the administering of the FSTs, the result of the case can be greatly altered.

There is a lot to fight for when it comes to these cases. Hiring a good Kansas City DUI lawyer is a must. If you get a DUI charge it's a serious offense. The outcomes for these charges affect your finances, may require jail time or community service, can cause you to lose your license, as well as your great standing. People have even lost their jobs because of a DUI or DWI charge.

Ensure youkeep your license, your money, your occupation, and your good standing. Talk to a Kansas City DUI lawyer who will fight for you. Choose somebody who will have the ability to advise you in your case from start to finish and who'll roll up their sleeves to get the top result possible for your case.

Many people shy away from hiring a Kansas City DUI lawyer only because they assume it is out of their price range, or that they can do without one. Nothing could possibly be farther from reality. As it pertains to sustaining your freedom, keeping your criminal record clean, and saving your finances and standing, cash cannot be the chief deciding factor. Because time is of the essence, it's important to speak to a professional as soon as you can.

Does the litigation industry fascinate you? To read more on Kansas City DUI Attorney go to this website.

When Work From Home Jobs In Kansas City Are Genuine Versus Scams


Having the ability to access a variety of information on the Internet has helped protect individuals from a lot of scams they might have otherwise fallen into. People have grown more skeptical too. Now a days, if someone learns of a job which offers excessive money or ridiculous flexibility, most people suppose it's too great to be authentic. It's vital that you study any opportunity completely, and to be neither too critical, nor too gullible. And so the thought of finding work from home jobs in Kansas City is out of the question for many folks.

A lot of folks want to believe there are good work from home jobs in Kansas City. Nevertheless they deal with lots of questions regarding the way to identify the difference between a legitimate opportunity as well as a scam. There are promising careers that enable individuals to work from home. Deciphering the opportune from the ridiculous isn't as hard as many would think. When the work you're doing doesn't create lots of value for a customer or a business, it's unlikely you are going to make good money.

In the event that you find a business offering work from home jobs in Kansas City, but no goods are actually supplied to the client, it is just a telltale sign of a scam. All the money being invested by people in this type of scheme is going to someone, but it's never going to be to the ground level workers.

Still, some sort of formula is helpful for individuals looking at various opportunities. There are a few typical starting questions you can ask to help weed out the real jobs from the phony ones. Among the first indications that a firm offering work from home jobs in Kansas City is just a sham, is when they supplyhigh pay for hardly any work. Having a look at just how businesses work can tell you this. Either you add so much value through the work you do that even with a little contribution, you make a decent wage, or you work a good deal.

There are specific scams which can be done through automated messages or email. These scams often solicit work from home jobs in Kansas City, with all interaction being done with an automated system or through email.

Take a look at the Federal Trade Commission's website. Government and private regulatory agencies keep a good eye on fraudulent activity committed by businesses. Talk with trusted sources before making your final decision about various work from home jobs in Kansas City. The Web is filled with useful tips. However in regards to demonstrating the validity of a company, it's important to not only take a blogger's word for it.

There are tons of ways to educate yourself now.With the incredible access to information today, there isn't any reason that a person should feel afraid of falling into a scam. The United States regulates trade and business in the country, and any actual business offering work from home jobs in Kansas City can be uncovered there. Simply do your research using a reputable source. By using some common sense, it's simple to find an opportunity that's right for you.

Be sure you check out this Kansas City KS work at home jobs weblink for additional information about working from home.

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