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April is a great time to reach out to Eco-Friendly Consumers. There is a definite segment of the population that thinks and acts green and will respond to direct mail offers that focus on environmentally conscious products and services.
Eco-Consciousness is especially responsive In the Death Care Industry, since so many products and services promote sustainability, conservation, energy savings and environmental awareness.
What kinds of Funeral & Cemetery offers resonate with Green consumers?
·         Green Burials. A green burial reduces environmental impact and maintains the beauty of a given area. People who are pre-disposed to act green are great prospects for Green Cemeteries
·         Eco-friendly cremation
·         Cemeteries that use organic products on the grounds
How Can Cemeteries & Funeral Homes Reach Environmentally Conscious people?
Direct marketing is the key. Funeral and cemetery marketers can focus their marketing efforts on Green Consumers using the Dataman Group GreenAware overlay which actually targets those households that have demonstrated that they think and act green. These people buy green products, recycle, use bio-pure products in their homes, drive electric cars and stay in Leed Certified hotels on vacation.
For Cemeteries & Funeral Homes that feature eco-friendly services, focusing their advertising dollars on this key audience can really improve their bottom line.
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Do You Get Bogus Web Traffic Trying to Drive Up Your CPC?


 I am a good person. I pay my taxes, give to charity and don’t run red lights.

I spend a lot of time on my website, keeping it up-to-date, providing quality content and information for our visitors plus I religiously write my  Blog for ICCFA that covers lots of different marketing topics ranging from general direct mail tips to industry specific issues such as those facing the Death Care industry….not to mention topics such as this.

My Website is one of my key lead generation vehicles and I power it with Pay Per Click ads and much time spent on developing appropriate content, backlinks (and all the stuff they tell us in SEO school) to improve my organic search.

Because of this effort, people visit my website and complete Lead Generation Forms we call Quick Quotes, which I distribute to our Sales Staff to work.

In the past years, we have had many fake forms filled out with some very interesting monikers, ranging from dottydoos to staff@nytimes to abc@gmail – - you catch my drift. These are easily identifiable as “ca-ca”. In an effort to combat this, I put in a Captcha, which I’m sure deters more real prospects than the bots.

Regardless, the Captcha hasn’t helped. It’s obvious that there continues to be people who spend their time wasting mine. One of my favorite serial phonies is Calmodovar who seems to have accounts with every single ISP you can imagine, and even the ones you can’t, because they are all fake.

But I started to notice several patterns. Multiple fake lead forms coming from the same ISP. Over and over and over. Every day I get a rash of phony lead forms, it makes you really want to go to work on this stuff.

I have complained to the all-knowing, all-seeing Google – who basically doesn’t care.  “Forget the tens of thousands of dollars we charged on your credit card, buddy – It’s not our problem” is Google’s answer.

(Ooh-should I have said that? Do you think my organic is going to drop like a rock because I wrote that?)

Yesterday DataScott in my office called one of our phony-leads-of-the-day, which was a lovely older woman who told him that she has gotten many, many calls from other list providers and direct mail companies. At first she thought it was kind of odd. Now she knows that someone is using her name and information and filling out forms all over the internet.

Today’s Wall Street Journal reported that 36% of all web traffic is bogus.

So I guess maybe I shouldn’t take this personally – maybe everyone in our industry is getting clicked up the wazoo by someone whose goal is to continue to drive up our costs and drive us to drink.


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USPS Publishes New "How to Package & Ship Cremated Remains" Brochure


The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently published a new document on "How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains" (February 2014). Download the file here:

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The Marketing Difference Between At Need and Pre-Need

The major difference between At Need and Pre-Need marketing is that your prospect need to be able to find you versus you finding them.
Let's start with the facts. First, it's highly unlikely that someone will call your funeral home out of the blue and tell you that they want to buy a Pre-Need contract for 2 burial plots, caskets and funeral services complete with all the bells & whistles. And, by the way, they want to pay cash.
Truth by told, closing a Pre-Need sale is a process of Lead Generation and follow up, along with a personal visit to close the deal. And, we all know that the more "sits" a good closer has the opportunity to make, the more sales they will close.
Where Pre-Need is a process, At Need becomes more of an issue of visibility, branding, name recognition - and, dare I say it - a strong position in Google because when a death occurs and a family needs the services of a death care provider, the name that comes out on top that they recognize, is the one they will call.
For both At Need and Pre-Need, branding is key and a strong direct mail program that targets the best prospects in your market gives your Funeral Home or Cemetery the visibility you need to get your name front & forward.
As the winter winds down and people get "un-cooped" from their homes, it's a time to visit loved ones at their final resting place. It's a time when people start to think about their own futures. 
For Funeral Homes & Cemeteries, April is a key time of the year for marketing, especially relevant with the traditions of both Easter & Passover.
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