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Went out on a Christmas-gift-delivery-run yesterday with my sister in her two-ton Mercedes (dropping off custom-labeled bottles of wine to friends and prospective real-estate clients, like some R-rated Santa's elves). We've had very cold (for our area) weather and snow, ice, etc. for the last few days. Very slippery especially the side streets where the plows and sanding trucks don't bother going. Nonetheless she was convinced her car could manage any situation. So we started up a steep very icy street with me clutching the door-handle and her determined to make it. Fatal error: she stopped 3/4 of the way instead of soldiering on. We were on a narrow, one-lane street surrounded by parked cars, old garden sheds, and fairly steep drop-offs into people's yards. The car started sliding backwards, with the back end veering off to the left. She'd put it into forward and it would straighten out but not gain any upward mobility. Reverse, and off to the left it would go again. We came within a hair's breadth of smacking into a junk car but she managed to straighten it out again. Finally she managed to back it down to the bottom of the hill. She was insistent on delivering the wine though, after making it this far, so in slippery-soled boots, and only falling once, badly jarring her shoulder and chucking the wine into a snowbank to save it from a fate worse than death, she crept up the hill and back down. Of course, the lucky recipients weren't even home so she left it on the parch. By now, the wine's probably frozen, bottle broken, and their porch smelling like an old wino. We continued on our rounds for the rest of day with less drama, fortunately. Merry Christmas!

Sounds exhilerating!

Glad to hear you are able to get out and about despite the weather! That private label wine is a wonderful gift idea: I wonder if they do it by the box because that would be more the style for some on my list.


It's great to have you aboard here! Cool

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Oh, believe me, it was!

It's surprisingly cheap. I designed the labels combining her husband's business card/logo with hers, and they look smashing. It's only like $12-13/bottle for decent cab and chardonnay.
You could slap your own labels on boxed wine (which is actually enjoying a bit more respect than the old Franzia piso). Perhaps you could feature your VanGough-esque featured self-portrait.

I am LOVING the pictures you are posting. I will next attempt to figure out how to do that.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

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Three Stooges


This was the GO AWAY SCI group photo back when acquisition-fever was at its height.

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I hate almost all rich people, but I think I'd be darling at it.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

A little Christmas-gift project I designed for one of my more cynical (and biggest Dorothy Parker fan) friends.

Classic stuff!!

Wow you have some great graphics! That Three Stooges is one for the history books.

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three stooges redux


You should see the one with Nancy posed seductively in a casket. They opted not to use that one.

This one of Elvig we had blown up to poster-size for the company Christmas party one year. It's about the cutest one I've ever seen.


Now if I could only find the one of Elvig modeling my sister's crinoline. Pat Downey says it looks like the emergence of the world's ugliest butterfly.


Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

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Day Three

...of forced captivity during our annual freeze-fest here in Western Washington. A couple inches of snow and we're pretty well paralyzed. Also fighting the joy of an in-floor radiant-heating system on the fritz but I think the repair guy finally figured it out and the house is actually up to 67 degrees or so after several days of 60 degrees. Guess one shouldn't complain since one does have a roof over one's head.

Beaujolais enjoys playing in the snow. She has a broken toe in a splint so she has to wear this little bootie over it. When it started snowing I wished she had a full set of four. Booties, not broken toes. One's enough at $350.

I've taken advantage of the respite to work on association stuff (newsletter), ICCFA stuff (play around with the Website) and finish making my Christmas gifts. In the net it probably didn't save me any money. I'm making scarves (knitted) and jewelry (beads). Being the tactile person I am every time I go to the crafts store I start fondling the yarn and beads and buying more than I need.

THIS led to my ordering an "Ultimate Knitting Machine" which was on sale half-price. It hasn't arrived yet but it'll be interesting to see if I can fumble through the instructions. I found out you can get KILLER deals on yarn on Ebay (why didn't I look earlier?) so everybody can plan on receiving sweaters, shawls,afghans (the yarn variety, not the guerilla variety)

(nor the canine variety)

and anything else one can manage.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

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wine label

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

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alleged killer storm rolls into Western Washington

Been listening to the dire forecasts of our local hysterics, ere I mean meteorologists and if you believe them we're going to have near-hurricane-force winds tonight and a lot of snow. So I girded up and ventured out for groceries today, leaving the dog home just in case I got stuck someplace. Of course the grocery store is only about 3/4 mile away, but it's uphill the whole way. Smooth sailing both directions, fortunately.
So now it's dark, the dog's snoring and farting over by the fireplace, My thumbs are falling off from knitting all afternoon, the table and floor around me are littered with wrapped, half-wrapped and half-finished gifts. I suppose I should get to work on them. Only five days until Christmas Eve.
Also thought I'd work on those pesky Christmas cards but still don't have the right sized envelopes and whoops... no stamps, either. So I guess they'll be more like New Year's cards. Wouldn't be the first time, either. One year I ended up sending out Valentines, I was so late. At least this year I actually BOUGHT cards as opposed to making them.
Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

Dang, good luck!

Sounds like a real survival situation! Thanks for the posts and the graphics. I think when users get here they will be able to figure the graphics stuff out if we give them a modicum of instruction.

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Alleged killer storm still on a roll

As of 3:00 Sunday afternoon we have 6-7" of snow at my house in what local meteorologists like to call "the convergence zone" without following up with the actual location of said zone - apparently everybody around here knows where it is. Still snowing. I haven't been farther from home than a mile or so since Wednesday. Travel is crippled. My daughter's grad-school friend Chandra landed in Seattle Friday on the first leg of her Christmas visit from Australia, where she's been working for the last six months. Next leg: Helena, Montana, where her family lives. Not much is flying out of Seattle today, and as of last night Chandra's luggage hadn't caught up to her in Seattle yet. Her sad tale is but one of millions heard 'round the country this weekend, of course. Next up: freezing rain.


Still can't post images in blog posts, evidently, or I'd upload a scenic snowscape.


Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP