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Seeing Lessons: 14 Life Secrets...


SKU: BK-046

Seeing Lessons: 14 Life Secrets I've Learned Along the Way

In this motivational work, Tom Sullivan brings his life lessons to the page. Sullivan, best known for his autobiography If You Could See What I Hear, had his heyday appearing in films such as Airport '77, and serving as a special correspondent on Good Morning America. Judging by the contents of this volume, his career seems to have introduced him to celebrities who had good advice to share with him, from Helen Keller to Jack Lemmon, Merlin Olsen to Betty White, Muhammed Ali to Bo Derek, and he mines these encounters for the book.

Sullivan's varied accomplishments are remarkable, especially for a man blind since birth. When he writes about his family, his childhood and his disability, readers will glimpse the ambitious, but caring, individual behind this text. Sullivan makes convincing assertions that his blindness has given him the ability to "see" deeper than most people, writing, "I never met an ugly person, unless that person wanted to be ugly."


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Praise for Seeing Lessons

"Tom Sullivan's inspiring story and the life lessons that he shares can help you live your own life with more passion, clarity, and meaning. I know you will find Seeing Lessons to be a great read."
-Jack Nicklaus

"What makes this book stimulating is the feeling that the author is speaking with you, not at you. Soon you find yourself looking at commonplace things in a slightly different light. Before long you are relating his stories to your own stories-and seeing them with a new perspective and rekindled enthusiasm. Tom Sullivan's passion is contagious."
-Betty White

"With Seeing Lessons, Tom Sullivan is truly a gift that keeps on giving as he shares the joys, passions, frustrations, and even the pain of a life lived to the fullest-undaunted by challenges few of us can even imagine. I want my children to read this book, absorb its message, and pass it along to their children."
-former Senator Bill Brock

"Seeing Lessons is an inspired book offering simple steps to improving your life and being the best person you can be. This is one book that will forever change the way you think about life and living."
-Joseph J. Luciani, Ph.D.
author of Self-Coaching

"In Seeing Lessons, Tom Sullivan not only teaches me things about myself and about life I didn't know, but he offers possibilities for corporations to reach for the higher ground in the way they do business."
-Peter Coors
Chairman, Coors Brewing Company

"This book not only teaches life lessons that are important to all of us but would prompt all of my players to be better athletes-and more important, better people."
-Mike Shanahan
Coach, Denver Broncos

"In this inspiring book, Tom Sullivan opens his heart and mind to all that blesses and surrounds him. You can do it too. Read this book."
-Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D.
author of Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self

Price: $2.00