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PLEASE NOTE: TO RECEIVE MEMBER DISCOUNTS, you must be an ICCFA member and logged into your account on the ICCFA website*, or you may call 1.800.645.7700.
*To register as a member on the site, go to the home page, click on "Create New Account" and fill out the form. If your company is a member in good standing, you will be granted membership privileges within 24 hours (but usually within minutes) and will have access to all content throughout the site as well as to ICCFA member discounts.

Also: you cannot earn continuing education credit by listening to recordings. You must attend presentations in person to earn CE credits.

Veterinary Subscription


SKU: veterinarysubscription

The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance is committed to being an educational resource for everyone involved in end-of-life care for beloved pets. The membership is dedicated to the respectful and dignified treatment of those pets entrusted to us. We invite veterinarians and veterinary support staff to join the PLPA and encourage you to become a Veterinary Subscriber today.

This one-year subscription includes:

  • a resource binder* full of information about end-of-life arrangements for pets. This is an invaluable wealth of information for you and the families you serve! You may copy the contents as needed to handout to clients, look to it when you have questions about pet loss terminology, or flip through it to learn about the many memorialization options available to pet owners.
  • PLPA "Unleashed" email newsletter and other communications
  • a copy of the pet loss (December) issue of ICCFA Magazine
  • member privileges on the ICCFA/PLPA website
  • member pricing for all PLPA events and webinars
  • PLPA membership directory

Your first year of membership: $175* (includes $100 initial cost of the resource binder).

Every year after that: just $75.

*This $100 initial fee for the binder and its contents includes a lifetime of updates. As new or revised information becomes available, you will automatically be sent updated information to place in your binder as long as you are a veterinary subscriber member.

Join using this online form and you will receive immediate member privileges.

By completing and submitting this form you acknowledge your acceptance of ICCFA Obligations Of Membership. 

Price: $175.00
If you would like to view the Obligations of Membership, click on the link at the top of the page.