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ICCFA Sales Kit



ICCFA Sales Kit

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. These presentation pages offer a visual reinforcement to your counselors’ message regarding the value of prearrangement, commemoration and memorialization.

The ICCFA Sales Kit consists of 33 pages plus 10 blank, customizable pages and allows your preneed counselors to explain the value of planning ahead for end-of-life decisions. Pages include:

  • Introductory pages to explain the problem and present the solution
  • Pages regarding the importance of remembrance and memorialization
  • A series of “Right Way/Wrong Way” pages
  • Mausoleum entombment pages
  • Ground crypt burial pages
  • Cremation memorialization pages
  • Endowment care pages
  • "We Are Members" page (included only with member orders)
  • And more.

A training script (included) offers a step-by-step guide with suggested verbiage for each portion of the presentation.


Price: FIRE SALE: ICCFA Members: 1-14 sets @ $25 each; 15+ sets @ $20 each
Non-Members: 1-14 sets @ $30 each; 15+ sets @ 25 each

Normal price: ICCFA Members: 1-14 sets @ $42.99 each; 15+ sets @ $35.99 each
  Non-Members: 1-14 sets @ $52.99 each; 15+ sets @ $45.99 each

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NOTE: Individual pages are available for purchase by calling 1.800.645.7700. FIRE SALE through April 30, 2014: Just $1 per page. They include:

Right Way/Wrong Way Series

Demonstrate the advantages of prearrangements vs. at-need arrangements. Photos vary among pages for use with different counselors and prospective purchasers.

  • RW-1 Right Way, Male Counselor, White
  • RW-2 Right Way, Female Counselor, White
  • RW-3 Wrong Way, White
  • RW-4 Right Way, Black
  • RW-5 Wrong Way, Black
  • RW-6 Right Way, Hispanic/Mideast
  • RW-7 Wrong Way, Hispanic/Mideast
  • RW-8 Right Way, Single Prospects
  • RW-9 Wrong Way, Single Prospects
  • RW-10 Right/Wrong Composite, White
  • RW-11 Right/Wrong Composite, Black
  • RW-12 Right/Wrong Composite, Hispanic/Mideast
  • RW-13 Right/Wrong Composite, Single


Funeral Prearrangement Series

Developed specifically for use by funeral homes, this series helps customers visualize the value of your products and the wisdom of pre-purchasing.

  • FN-1 Rites of Passage
  • FN-2 Most People are Unfamiliar with the Decisions
  • FN-3 The Simplicity/The Complexity
  • FN-4 Millions of People Plan Their Funeral Arrangements
  • FN-5 Why Have a Funeral?
  • FN-6 For Those Who are Left Behind
  • FN-7 Most Casket Selections are Based on....
  • FN-8 Two Basic Types of Materials Used to Make Caskets
  • FN-9 Metal Caskets Can Be Constructed From:
  • FN-10 Bronze, Copper, Steel
  • FN-11 Wood Caskets are Constructed from Different Types
  • FN-12 Each Casket Has Its Own Unique Grain Pattern

Individual Kit Pages

  • PS-1 The Tomb of Christ
  • PS-2 The Taj Mahal
  • PS-3 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • PS-5 Above-Ground Entombment
  • PS-6 Each Family Will One Day Make A Funeral
  • PS-7 No One Wants to be Forgotten
  • PS-8 You Work Hard for Your Money
  • PS-9 Complete Endowment Card
  • PS-10 Our Complete Family Protection Plan
  • PS-11  Mausoleum Entombment
  • PS-12  Ground Burial Decisions
  • PS-13 Most of Us Prepare
  • PS-14  Peace of Mind
  • PS-15  Emergency Record Guide
  • PS-16 Cemetery Without Care
  • PS-17  Today’s Modern Cemetery
  • PS-18  Mausoleum Illustration
  • PS-19  Lawn Crypts Combine…
  • PS-20 Lawn Crypt - Single Depth
  • PS-21  Cremation Memorialization
  • PS-22  Pyramids at Night
  • B-1 Prearrangement vs. Unprepared
  • B-2 Three Things Must Be Done
  • B-3 If Husband and Wife Haven’t Planned
  • B-4 Saving Not Spending
  • B-5 If There Had Been a Death in Your Family Yesterday…
  • B-6 Lawn Crypts - Double Depth
  • B-7 Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • B-8 Put Your House In Order
  • B-9 FTC Report on Overspending at the Time of Need
  • B-10 Forty-Nine Things You Must Do
  • B-11 Three Major Cemetery Decisions
  • B-12 Every Family Builds a Wall of Protection
  • B-13 67% of Purchases at the Time of Death Are Made by…
  • B-14 We Are Members of the ICFA
  • B-15 Cremation Is Not a Funeral Service
  • B-16 Many Americans Still See Need for a Monument
  • B-17 Insurance = Dollars Only
Price: $30.00