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Proven Approaches to Lead Generation


SKU: AVAC-0702

Audio CD: Proven Approaches to Lead Generation

In this session taped at the ICCFA 2007 Convention, two experts in lead generation share effective approaches for expanding your sphere of contacts and increasing your sales.

First, David Dassow of Pinnacle Cemeteries in Phoenix, Arizona, shows how to "Mine Your Natural Market," based on the theory that everyone knows 250 people.  Using his system can help you and your sales team generate more leads. Find how to:

  • Gather your 250 names
  • Narrow your list down to your "Golden 50"
  • Contact the people on your list
  • Track and manage your referrals
  • Incorporate your lead generation story into a meaningful and effective presentation

Next, Michael Leaf of Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, shows how to plan a successful Memorial Day event that leads directly to increased sales at your cemetery, including:

  • Turning your visitors into prospects and new customers
  • Four opportunities to influence buying decisions
  • How to meet people at the gate
  • What to hand them, what to say
  • How to involve your community
  • Sales tools for the counselor

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Price: $28.00