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"Non industry" Forum Post

"Non industry" Forum Post

I am certain this will be one of the least-used portions of the Web site, so as good a place as any to mess around with the Forums functionality.

The current issue is that Forums looks sort of clunky: eventually we'd like a more streamlined appearance with more of a conventional bulletin board look.

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non-industry forum topics etc.

You might find a lot of interest in this forum. We all sit in front of computer screens 10-12 hours a day and sometimes the mind does wander a bit. Take the subject of waffles, for example. Crispy? Soft? Maple syrup or powdered sugar? Or whipped cream and Nutella?

... unless we start a Lost discussion thread here

... in which case it could become a hotbed of discussion. Which we of course would have to avoid like the plague until we're caught up.

Linda Budzinski
ICCFA Director of Communications and Membership Services

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but c'mon. Everybody loves waffles.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP


Yes, but that's the problem, Judy. Everybody does love waffles. End of discussion. You'll need to come up with something a little more contentious than that.

Hmm, I just may have to make a detour to IHop on the way home from church this a.m.


Linda Budzinski
ICCFA Director of Communications and Membership Services

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Not waffles

Maybe pancakes would be a more contentious topic? Thin or fat and fluffy? Crepes? With Nutella, of course. Bacon? Canadian or regular ol' rashers? Sausage? Links or patties? Jimmy Dean or generic? Spicy or sweet Italian?

America, we have too many choices. No wonder we never agree on anything. Let's start the argument!

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

waffles or pancakes

I would say both except that I am on a low carb diet. However Denny's ran a free breakfast promotion yesterday which I took advantage of on my way home from Seattle before I went to the airport. Why do you think they decided to give away millions of dollars worth of food? What benefits did they derive from this? It certainly created lots of talk and articles in the news that they did not have to buy. Do you think they will gain future business from this? It was a bold marketing move. What are your thoughts on it?
Nancy Weil, GMS,CLL,CFC
Director Aftercare
Mount Calvary Cemetery

Denny's is certainly at risk

... of being pigeonholed as a downscale brand. I for instance am definitely NOT a food elitist but have not eaten at a Denny's in 20 years, simply because I think "if I am going to go a step above fast food in terms or price and time invested, I will also go a step above Denny's" or even "parallel to Denny's" because I consider Denny's so utterly pedestrian. I would likely feel guilty eating there because I could save the money and eat at home, whereas I would probably not say the same thing about a cheap chili joint, Peruvian chicken, wings place or pub of some sort.

So with a downturning economy, Denny's has the opportunity to really capitalize, to get business from people who may still want to treat themselves occasionally to "going out to eat" but need to do it for less money. Turning around the perception that they are a boring, junky restaurant is critical. I think the promotion to get people in the door, and Super Bowl ads were therefore money well spent. Fit your message and brand to the times.

In fact I will proffer this for free to the next restaurant chain that needs to remind people of their market differentiation:

Restaurant promotional message for a troubled economyRestaurant promotional message for a troubled economy

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Don't forget...

...the invaluable service Denny's provides for those post-bar-closing people who really need an injection of grease and carbs, not to mention coffee. Not that I've ever availed myself of that particular service, but still... sometimes you just want to sit down in a glaringly lit restaurant full of glassy-eyed fellow inebriates at 3 a.m. so you know you aren't the only degenerate stumbling home as the sun rises. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP


I too haven't been in a Denny's for over twenty years. The free grand slam breakfast was a smart idea, a name change will help even further. Maybe it could be named after a classic old beer, that would appeal to the after bar "grease and carb" crowd Judy says she's heard of. How about Pabster's or Schlitzer's. It's just a thought.

Exactly, the "serious breakfast" kind of falls flat

.... when you think, "wait a minute, this is DENNY'S - what is even remotely serious about that place?"

I see a promotion that says "Denny's is now DRANG, as in STURM UND DRANG", with video of a view up a mountainside with ominous storm clouds, raging winds and a huge Viking-type guy standing at the top waving a mace, with lighting bolts striking all around him, sound of Wagner playing amidst the roaring gale ... "THIS is serious breakfast!"

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You're in the wrong business

JOE! Holy crap! You should open an ad agency!

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

Thanks for that

So if I want to go after the DP, CCP demographic with my restaurant I know which thematic direction I will take

judyfaaberg's picture

Yes, big manly Viking types will get you

a DP, CCP every time!

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

American Association of Cemetery Superintendents

I have a friend who is doing some research for a book and she is looking for the American Association of Cemetery Superintendents. Has anyone ever heard of this group or happen to have anything in their files that would give a clue about where the offices were, if they disbanded, or who might have received their records when they merged? Any help or clues would be appreciated. Thank you.

We were

Actually, ICCFA is the successor organization of the AACS. If you look through the Reading Room you will find a wealth of articles from the AACS archives.

RE: Comment for Forum topic: "Non industry" Forum Post

Thank you Joe! I'll pass this along!