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Cremation Central

ICCFA Cremation Certification Programs


Cremation Arranger Certification Program
The only training of its kind in the industry!

It's not about running the crematory machine—it's about helping families make better choices and your company not "losing" revenue vs. traditional burial.

Approved for 6 hours of CE credit
Continental breakfast: 7:30 a.m.
Program: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Lunch provided

Receive a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation and script on cremation and the many options besides direct cremation that you may give in your community! Learn from the creators of the presentation (the Imperis) how to deliver this powerful information. You'll have the ability to modify it and make it specific to your market!

The largest growth market in funeral service is cremation. The question is, will the families you serve choose “direct cremation” or will they opt to have a tribute service and memorialization? The ICCFA Cremation Arranger Certification offers six-hours of intensive training designed to give you new tools to create better cremation arrangements. You will learn the history of cremation, pertinent laws and regulations, how to identify your customer base, how demographics should impact your marketing and arrangement process, and how people’s perception of price affects their behavior. All of this information is presented with one singular focus—to help you create a better arrangement for each family you serve.

The A to Z of Cremation Including Historical Background
Larry Stuart Jr., general manager, Crematory Manufacturing & Service
Learn why the history of cremation is crucial in understanding the increase in its demand and how this will actually help you make more valuable (and profitable) funeral arrangements. History shows why cremation is not just a fad and coming to terms with this is necessary, but it is only the first step in the evolution of a current, relevant and successful funeral service business. Visionaries know why the cremation rate does not matter anymore.

Cole Imperi, owner and creative director, Doth Brands
Victor Imperi, COO, Doth Brands

  • The Modern Consumer with Cole Imperi
    Today’s family brings a unique set of challenges to the arrangement process. This seminar is all about understanding this changing dynamic. Students will learn how to identify the families they serve using modern techniques and tools and develop an understanding of how to work with their inherent needs and predispositions. Students will gain a thorough knowledge of the four major generational groups in the US through an interactive quiz, case studies and real-life examples. We’ll take a look at things like loyalty and why (or why not) a family will call your funeral home when they are at need.

  • Understanding Price, Value and the Families You Serve with Victor Imperi
    What's the goal of a good price? Should we compete on price? How many options do my families want? In this seminar, we will address these questions and more to help you understand how to utilize price and value to better serve your families and your business. Through lessons from behavioral psychology, examples from everyday life and an interactive demonstration, you will learn how the brain works and how to apply that knowledge to the arrangement process.
  • Intelligent Marketing with Cole Imperi
    ow and where do you communicate with your families? The world has changed and information is available to everyone, all the time. In this seminar, students will learn about a variety of effective tools and information from the fields of behavioral psychology, neuroscience and demographics research. Students will learn a new way of identifying their families and themselves. This seminar features an interactive quiz and a brief but in-depth look into modern marketing practices with simple, measurable, easy-to-execute strategies they can do themselves and instruction for ways to maximize the potential of the included powerpoint presentation.



Understanding the Dynamics of the Arrangement Process
May be one of these speakers:

  • Julie A. Burn, CCrE, CSE, cremation industry consultant
  • Néctar Ramírez, director of sales, Options by Batesville
  • Glenda Stansbury, vice president, InSight Books & Institute

There's a lot more to cremation than direct cremation, and it's our job to educate the public about that. Whether it's taking the first call, meeting the family, or selling merchandise—you need to understand how grief affects all aspects of the arrangement process. An arranger needs to understand the client and their mindset to be able to have a mutually successful arrangement conference. This session will clue you in on how to relate to today's cremation customers, connect with them and not only help them develop a lasting tribute for their loved one, but also help your business develop a lasting bottom-line.

Reducing Your Liability to Add to Your Bottom Line
Poul Lemasters, Esq., principal, Lemasters Consulting; ICCFA cremation programs coordinator
This seminar will focus on the Cremation Authorization Form, and educate the arranger on why each section is so critical. Participants will not only learn the importance of each section, they will also learn how to explain the sections to the family. There will also be examples of lawsuits that have cost providers millions.

The extensive training curriculum includes:

  • The cremation consumer
  • Effective arrangement consultation
  • Liability and staff training
  • Presenting consumer options
  • Cremation Code of Ethics
  • An extensive Q&A session

Registration can be found in the column to the right.

Crematory Operator Certification Program*

Approved for 7.5 hours of CE credit
Continental breakfast: 7:30 a.m.
Program: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Lunch provided

The ICCFA Crematory Operator Certification program is presented by
ICCFA cremation coaches Poul Lemasters, Esq., and Larry Stuart Jr., Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Inc.

The extensive training curriculum includes:

  • professional terminology
  • incinerator terminology
  • principles of combustion
  • cremation and the environment
  • incinerator criteria and design
  • basics of operating cremation equipment
  • general maintenance and troubleshooting
  • forms and record keeping
  • handling and exposure control

All attendees will receive a comprehensive Operations Manual covering all aspects of crematory operation and maintenance. 

*You must pass an open-book, take-home test to receive your certification. Missing five or more questions means that you fail the test. You will be allowed to take the test a second time to try to receive a better score. If you miss five or more questions on that test, you will need to take the training course again before trying to pass the test another time.

Registration can be found in the column to the right.


Who do I call?

I am a student at another mortuary college? May I attend?

Who do I call?

Yes! These certification programs are open to everyone. Feel free to give me a call at the number below.


Mike Hays
Mid-America College of Funeral Service
3111 Hamburg Pike
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

rob treadway's picture

Absolutely! There are links

Absolutely! There are links above to student registration forms. Simply fill them out and return them to your college's administration office.

Is this course online? Could

Is this course online? Could a Canadian take courses?

rob treadway's picture

No, it is not available

No, it is not available online. A Canadian may take it. It would depend on your local jurisdiction as to whether the they would accept the certification.

Training on april 29 in georgia

Is there a hotel you recommend that is close to the college?


There are several hotels in the area, the first two listed below are offering a special Gupton-Jones rate -- be sure to mention you are attending the program when you make your reservation:

Hilton Garden Inn
7890 Mall Ring Road
Lithonia, GA 30038
(678) 526-1000
* 4 miles from the school; next to Stonecrest Mall. Ask for the Gupton-Jones rate. They have a hotel restaurant and several restaurants are nearby.

Quality Inn
5300 Snapfinger Park Drive
Decatur, GA 30035
(678) 418-0004
* 2 miles from the school on the same exit as the Hilton; continental breakfast. Ask for Gupton-Jones rate of $75.00.

Other hotels in the area: Fairfield Inn & Suites and Holiday Inn Express – both at the Mall exit.


Are these type of classes offered in California?

Cremation classes in CA

You can check the state associations in California to see if they have anything scheduled:

California Funderal Directors Association (CFDA):
Association of California Cremationists (ACC): (ACC has Crematory Operator Training on July 22, 2014, in Sacramento)
Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California (CMAC):

Training in the Midwest

When are the next trainings in the midwest (WI/IL/IN/IA)?

Traing in the Midwest

ICCFA is hoping to schedule training in IL and OH in 2015. We also have the ICCFA University coming up this July 18-23 in Memphis, TN, which features a College of Cremation Services where students earn three types of certifications: operator, administrator and arranger. Please check the website under "Events" for more information on the University.

When is the next training in

When is the next training in Georgia..

Training in Georgia

Unfortunately you just missed the Cremation Arranger & Crematory Operator programs which we held in Atlanta at Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service on April 29-30. Our next scheuduled training is being held in conjunction with ICCFA University in Memphis, TN, on July 18-23, followed by training in Dallas, TX, on Sept. 10-11.


Who should I contact for the Sept 10 & 11 ICCFA Certifications at Dallas Institute? I really want to attend this!!! WOW!!!

Cremation certification in Dallas

For registration and program information about the ICCFA's Cremation certification classes in Dallas this September 11 & 12 please follow this link -- Hope to see you there!

Do I have to be a licensed

Do I have to be a licensed funeral director to take the training course and receive my certification?

Cremation certification

You do not have to be a licensed funeral director to take ICCFA's Cremation Certification Seminars. Our next scheudled certification program will be in Dallas, Texas, at the Dallas Insitute of Funeral Service on September 10-11, 2014. Click on the following link for more information:


Is there any type of finical assistance for this course ?

Certification between states

I recently got certified as an arranger and operator at Dallas Institute in September and i was wondering if my certification would be good to practice in Florida as well?

COCP in or near Louisiana

Is there COCP offered near or in Louisiana?

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COCP in or near Louisiana

We have two certification programs coming up in Dallas, TX, this March and September. Look in the righthand column of this page: Other than that, there may be a slim chance that we may offer a certification at our 2016 Annual Convention in New Orleans. Stay tuned for that. Hope this helps!

certifcate of completion for cremetion

when is the next class for certification and where, also the price

Rob when I fill out a

Rob when I fill out a registration it says organization.. What am I supposed to put there?