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National Pet Memorial Day


Ways to remember your pet:

  • Spend a few minutes reflecting upon pleasant memories of your pet 
  • Contribute to an animal protection group 
  • Volunteer at an animal protection group 
  • Create a small memorial in a flower garden in your yard 
  • Plant a tree or a shrub as a living memorial: Through the Arbor Day Foundation's Trees For Pets program, for just $10 you may have 10 trees planted in memory of your pet and a personalized card or certificate identifying where the trees have been planted.
  • Think about your late pet. Look at old photos. Talk about your pet with others who were familiar with it. Reflect on all the great memories you made with your pet. If you lost your pet unexpectedly, try to keep your thoughts positive.
  • Visit your pet's burial site. Make a tribute to your pet by decorating its burial site with something it may have enjoyed in life. Talk to your pet while at the burial site.
  • Create a small memorial in your pet's honor. Plant trees, shrubs and flowers to memorialize your pet. These things can remind you of your pet long after National Pet Memorial Day has passed.
  • Donate money or time to a charity or organization in honor of your late pet. Choose an organization or charity based on your animal's breed or a particular cause that is close to your heart. Animal shelters, rescue groups and humane societies all appreciate volunteers.
  • Send sympathy cards to former pet owners. National Pet Memorial Day does not have to be a solitary affair. Include everyone who has lost a pet in your observance of National Pet Memorial Day.

PLPA Members:
Click here to download National Pet Memorial Day/Month campaign materials.

Click below to view a videotaped memorial service in which you may participate at any time.

Pet loss memorial service by PLPA from TheICCFA on Vimeo.

Events around the country for National Pet Memorial Day in 2014
Baltimore/Reisterstown, MD: Third Annual Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony on September 14. Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park, 1601 Nicodemus Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136. Andrew Mazan, Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park Director and certified bereavement counselor, will lead the ceremony and speak on the “The Spiritual and Physical Bond Connection.” “Grief Response to Pet Loss” will be addressed by Carol Williamson Jenkins, Bereavement Counselor from The Counseling Center at Stella Maris, Inc. Dr. Mary Zink, DVM, Baltimore Humane Society Veterinary Director, will speak on "Letting Go Without Guilt."  Members from Dulaney Flute Ensemble will play during the flower ceremony. Portrait artist, Joanna Barnum will also be there creating quick pencil sketches of pets from their photos for a nominal fee that will be shared with Baltimore humane Society. Anyone attending is asked to bring a photo of their pet to put on display during the ceremony and a flower to place in their honor. They are also being asked to RSVP with the name or names of pets they’d like read aloud at the ceremony. RSVP to 410-833-8848 ext.  219 or
Muskegon & Ottawa Counties: Two services of remembrance by Clock Timeless Pets:
The event is free. Each service will provide pet parents the option to simply be present or participate in a balloon release. At the Spring Lake Dog Park, a special scattering tribute will be held for the unclaimed cremated remains of pets.

Each pet’s cremated remains will be mixed with a special compound called “Let Your Love Grow,” that neutralizes the sodium and calcium that is left in the cremains, therefore making the scattering eco-friendly. Pet parents who would like to scatter their beloved pet’s cremains at this event are welcome to do so; however they will have to purchase this compound from Clock Timeless Pets prior to the event. This can be done by calling us at (231) 722-3721 or emailing The cost varies by the amount of cremains and runs between $25 and $50.

Mooresville, NC: Hosted by Pet Pilgrimage, this event will be an evening of reflection and celebration – an opportunity to honor pets that have touched our lives and a chance to pay-it-forward by touching the lives of pets still in search of a forever home. Pet supply collection boxes will be available for the Humane Society. The celebration will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on September 14 at Pet Pilgrimage, located at 494 East Plaza Drive.
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Kasay Archie & Belle

My 3 precious Angels!

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Our beloved pitty, Rookie

After a bout with cancer, we placed Rookie to sleep at 11 years old. He was my sister's baby boy. A half year later, her heart still aches to feel those teeth & soft ears. We miss his whacky outbursts, picky eating habits, and how he used to drag his blankets around like Linus from Peanuts. We hope he is in heaven sniffing anything & everything to his heart's desires.

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Bobby is gone

On Aug. 4, Sunday, I lost my dear companion and friend, Bob. He was a 15 year old cat who was my guardian, not the other way around. Coming home from work,he would be looking out the window waiting. When I entered the front door, he would always stand there and come up and rub my legs or want to be held. Putting makeup on in the morning, he would sit beside me and all I had to do was lean down and put my face to his and he would rub up against it. At night, this last year, as his health was declining, it was his normal ritual to come up on my lap and press against me as hard as he could, purring. I would have tears coming down my cheeks and would tell him every moment, every day, I had with him was a blessing. I also had a story I would tell him. I said when God made cats he had a good day. No, it was a great day. What dear creatures they are; the love they are willing to share is endless.

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my pet

Pet Images: 

Dear Christmas--Mom still misses you each and every day. You brought so much joy and love to our family. I hope you are enjoying your new home in Heaven and playing and being free of your pain that you had here on earth.I am sooooo looking forward to the day when we can be together again. Until then, enjoy running & playing in the wonderful city of Heaven. I miss your sweet bark, my baby. Love you so much, Mom!

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To my "kittehs": Chuckie, Cookie, Chester, Toonces, Rusty, Peper-Ena, Cyrameow, Tigger, Adolph, Sadie-Hazmine

Pet Images: 
06-27-2013 02;23;04PM.JPG
06-27-2013 02;23;37PM.JPG
Chester 6mos Cookie 2 yrs (2).jpg

Chuckie, you saved my life by giving me something to care for.
Cookie, you came along just at the right time.
Chester, you were a bundle of joy and best buddy for Cookie.
Toonces, I saved your life and the lives of your kittens (Rusty, Pepper-Ena, Cyrameow, Tigger, Adolph). In turn, you all gave me 20+ years of love.
Sadie-Jazmine, you were the "Princess" of the pack. Even people who weren't cat lovers loved you like crazy.
I love you all & miss you. xxx...

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Squiggy McDuffee

Pet Images: 
Squiggy Tongue.jpg

My Little boy Squiggy was just short of 17 when I had to put him down on 7-1-12. His brother Jamall (6yr old black schnauzer) still miss him everyday...

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In Loving Memory of my Sir Higgins

Pet Images: 

I lost my little Higgins on Aug. 27th unexpectedly to seizures. I only had him 4 yrs since I inherited him from a client ( I work at a vet clinic) that passed away from cancer. As I said goodbye to him I told him she was ready to have him back in heaven as her pet.

Sir Higgins Lordship of Maricopa Arizona I love you and miss you each day. It is not the same without your energy, love and even your farts. I miss the "furnace" under the blankets and your unconditional love for me. I am sorry you had to go the way you did and feel guilty I was petsitting and didn't get that last "I love my mommy freakout" you always did, but I think you had mentally let go so it was eaiser for me and you dad to say goodbye. Your best friend Jayne (my pitbull mix) is missing you as well, looking for you outside daily. She is getting better, but I know the whole house has a different vibe without you there. Simple things that were routine are so different...dinner time is the worst since you had a routine: Get excited, chase the cats, wait patiently hoping some kernals dropped on the floor and then would sit in the same spot next to your sister Jayne, until I placed the dish down. I know you will send us the right Boston Terrier soon...we have so much love to give. Thank you for the joy and love, we will forever have Boston Terriers because of you.

Love Mom, Dad, Jayne and the kitties!

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Wally Cooke

Pet Images: 

Wally passed at 12:04 PM almost two weeks ago now, while I was holding him like a baby with Audra hugging him. He knew that we loved him right up until the end. I got a small lick from him as the injection started and could see the look of relief in his eyes at the end. We stayed with him for a while after that. I would like to thank the staff at Parkdale Animal Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana for all that they have done for Wally and many other animals within the area. I would also like to thank everyone who has contacted me the past few weeks and kept my family in their thoughts and prayers. I have reached a level of sadness that I have been fortunate enough to not reach very often in my life. The lessons to be learned in Wally's passing is that there are many animals out there who are put down daily without the second chance that Wally had. Cancer is a menace to both man and beast alike within our society. Going forward, I am going to change some directions on the charities that I work with in order to remember Wally by focusing my time on animals in need and cancer related causes.

For it was best said in these lyrics:

"Have you been half asleep and have you heard voices?
I've heard them calling my name.
Is this the sweet sound that called the young sailors.
The voice might be one and the same.
I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
It's something that I'm supposed to be.
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me."

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Pet Images: 

I lost my beloved Abby on 8-12-13. She was 14 years old. She is my heart and soul kitty. When she died half of my heart went to Heaven with her. She was only with me 8 of her 14 years, but I would like to think that she had the best 8 years of her life with me. She was loyal and devoted only to me. She had such a grand personality and she was very sassy and opinionated. I so miss her far greater than mere words could ever allow to me say. She was my special one and she always will be. It has only been 27 days since she left me for her true forever home and yet it feels like it's been decades. I always told her "Abby I love you to the Moon and back, again and again and again", and I still tell her every single day. I miss you Abby, I love you and I so wish we had more time together. But I now know that it would have never been enough. Wait for me until I can join you and watch for me because I will find you my sweet baby girl. Forever yours, faithfully. Your loving Momma.

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Desperately missing my Allie (Mr. Bug)

Pet Images: 
anonymous's picture

Faces of canine cancer

Pet Images: 

Five of these 6 have died because of canine cancer. The sixth (the last one in the second row) is 15 years old and is hanging in there. You left too soon but I am so happy for the time I had with you: Drifter, Naoisha, Kotah Bear, Callie and Rose.

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It's been almost four years since we had to have my precious Maxie put to sleep. No one will ever know just how much I loved that little guy. He was my little buddy, my handsome man, my protector. He would try to bite anyone who acted like they were hitting me and every night, he would get under the covers, with just his little bum sticking out & be tummy to tummy with me. He loved me & I feel like I let him down. I couldn't save him and I will always feel guilty. I tried. He went to the vet on almost a monthly basis the last two years of his life & the weekend he had over 20 seizures, I couldn't handle it anymore. My heart will forever be torn without him.

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Pet Images: 

We just lost our baby last night. Still feeling numb & lost. Mamma & Daddy miss you sweet boy, we were looking forward to the years ahead. You brought so much more into our lives and your packs (sisters & brother dogs) life. You kept a total excitement in the house and we miss your quirky presence Mister Wrangler.

Mamma, Daddy, Fudge, Mercy, Rowdy, Buddy, Delilah, Lexie, Dodge, Ford.
Your kitties: Yami, Thomas, Meme & Cassidy
Your Horse: Kane
And your best friend from across the street: Tango

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pet memorial

For the best dog EVER my Putter. He was 16 1/2 when he passed and he was the perfect dog. Love and miss you Pud.

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In Loving Memory of Sissy Ann Mehrtens

Pet Images: 

In loving Memory of our beautiful baby Sissy Ann who crossed the rainbow bridge on January 6, 2013.

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Thank you so much for coming to me in my dream last night!! I miss you so much. My puppy knew I needed to see him.

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Pet Images: 

On May 8, 2013 I sent my darling 21 yr old Buddy across "The Rainbow Bridge." We had sooo many great years together & I know he was greeted by many loved ones waiting to help him cross over. Mommy misses you every day Bumpty-Bump, Button-Nose, Weinner-McWein, I.P. Freely. <3

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Pet Images: 

July 17, 1999 to March 24, 2013
We miss our baby, you will never be forgotten.

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Pet Images: 
Oreo 2.jpg

Oreo passed away on September 2, 2013 from complications from lymphoma. She was our energizer bunny who we thought would outlive us all. She had energy beyond most dogs her age and we enjoyed almost 11 years of good healthy with no issues. The loss of this little girl has torn our hearts out but we did everything we could do to save her from this terrible disease. We had her cremated and placed in a beautiful urn that will remain with us for the rest of our lives. She has taken a piece of our heart with her to the Rainbow Bridge. We will meet again.

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Remembering Luci

Remembering our little dog Luci, our special pet who brough so much joy and happiness to our lives! As the days go by, it gets easier to remember our family friend who will never be forgotten.

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Love and miss everyone of my pets.

I have been blessed with many pets of many kinds in my 56 years. I love and miss each of them and still grieve their loss to this day. I am currently 'petless' after having lost 4 dogs and 1 cat to old age in the past 4 years. As I type this I am tearful and know that, for now, I will remain 'petless'. It is too hard to loose them and I just can't bare that thought yet. One day I will take the leap again, but until then, I love and cherish the pets of family and friends.

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I miss my sweet Millie

Pet Images: 
pj party 323.JPG

We just put our sweet Millie to sleep a week ago, Millie would have been 14 years old on Nov. 29th 2013 she had so many things wrong with her! Her heart was bad, her kidneys and liver shut down and her back was messed up... My heart is so broken and in pain...I know she is out of pain now and everyone keeps telling me this but it doesn't take away from the hurt..I am lost without her now our home is not the same with her not being here... Everyone keeps trying to get us to get a new pet, I/we just don't want another pet at this time... She was my sweet baby!! Thanks for this sit, I so it on facebook..

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A "Jack" like no other

Pet Images: 

Today I said goodbye to the sweetest man I've ever known. My buddy Jack lost his battle with leptospirosis.
Jack was a rescue from Mississippi. Even though he was severely abused, neglected and starved he never lost hope
In the human race. I was blessed by his sweet smile an happy tail every morning I got to spend with him. He fought so hard against this
horrible illness until last night when he couldn't fight it anymore. Today when I went to say goodbye to him, he smiled at me
like he always did, wagged his tail as best as he could. Ate a bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's and then I held him close
as he left this world. I was so blessed to have known and to have loved this sweet angel. We were kinda each other's angels.
I gave him the love he had so badly wanted and deserved and he showed me to never loose hope that there is
good in this world. Thank you Jack for coming into my life, I will miss u always.

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My dear max

I have never forgot you, your always in my heart

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Pet Images: 

In ever loving memory of our beloved friend and companion EMPEROR.

Though you are gone, your soul remains in our hearts till we meet again on the other side.

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Pet Images: 
Buck Close Up (001) (1).JPG

Dundore's Buckaroo (Buck)
02/10/01 - 08-25-14
If love would have saved you, you would have lived forever.

anonymous's picture


Pet Images: 
Buck Close Up (001) (1).JPG

Dundore's "Buckaroo" (Buck)
02/10/01 - 08/25/15
If loved would have saved you, you would have lived forever.

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Gateway and Nija - Two "Greyhound Loves"...

Pet Images: 

Never does a day go by that we don't think about them. Such a gentle, funny & quirky breed. Every home needs at least two Greyhounds! We shared a lot of years as both of them almost made it to their 15th birthday. We love you both and hope you're having tons of fun chasing rabbits on the other side of the river. Looking forward to the day that we're all together again. Mom & Dad are sending much love.

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Miss you buddy

Pet Images: 

7 years is just not enough time. You will always be my best friend. Miss you and see you at the Rainbow bridge.

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Our beloved Teddy Bear

Pet Images: 

Recent loss of this handsome guy. He was my constant companion and I am missing him terribly. The reminders around the house are tough, but comforting as well. He was sure one well loved dog!

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Pet Images: 
Doncha just love picture day.jpg
Chilly of the corn in Oregon Oct. 11th 2011.jpg
Last call.jpg

This is my road dog Chilly. I had to euthanize him on 8/13/2014 due to an upper respiratory infection that had reoccurred throughout the last year. It was the most difficult decision I ever had to make, ever. Chilly and I went nearly everywhere together and we even lived in our car when we had nowhere else to go. We drove all through Northern and Southern California and even through Oregon on a night where we had no success in finding a place to park for the night and being asked to leave a family member's home. The circumstances were awful but Oregon was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I am very grateful that I went through all of that with Chilly. He pulled me through because I knew I had to take care of him as I was determined that he was not to become a throwaway because of my challenges in life. I am still grieving over this loss and I miss him every single day. He was truly my family, best friend and support system and their is a tremendous void that nothing and no one can ever fill. I miss you and love you, Chilly Sanders.

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Duke my fur-angel

Pet Images: 

Duke my beautiful fur baby we had 10 wonderful years. I was with you when you were born and when you passed. I miss you and Sadie so very much.

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Trichotillomania: The conscious or subconscious "habit" of pulling the hair or twisting it, sometimes without realizing it. Your demands nutrients from foods like oily fish for example salmon, mackerel and trout along with vitamins like vitamin C, B6 and Biotin seen in fruits, vegetables and legumes. Both the versions have exactly the same relation to the individual's body while they constitute of same active chemical known as finasteride. This is usually a frightening and unsettling experience, to say the least. Fortuitously, contemporary medicine has come up with approaches to deal with MPB normally Propecia.

The most common source of male hair loss is alternation in hormone testosterone which is also seen in female. Propecia is quite popular among teenagers who prefer to help remedy hair fall in an early stage of life. These hair styles may irritate follicles and cause traction alopecia, that is a type of permanent thinning hair caused by having irritated follicles. Slowly but surely I am noticing an improvement inside the thickness of my hair, but I am not sure it will ever go back to where it had been before I stopped taking Propecia. While for several people the main cause behind their thinning hair may be critical in assisting them determine how to prevent hair fall, it can be often impossible to know the exact cause. Buy Propecia online .

Always stand up slowly and steady yourself to avoid falling down. There will vary causes or factors that affect hair growth including hereditary factors, external climate conditions and illnesses although some are hairs are merely looking poorly because of insufficient or inadequate nutrition. In order in order to save you from such humiliation and increase your confidence, you can find a variety of products available inside market that aid in controlling and decreasing the baldness both that face men and women. It is accessible only by way of a doctor's prescription. Millions of men and women are struggling with hair disorder; thinning hair is one from the biggest problems for them.

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This isn't a cure all, though; it's just another option. Natural Treatments change from massages to vitamins, through a number of mixtures. False: When using all of these products, it affects your hair, rather than the follicles. Propecia is generally recommended for men because it inhibits DHT by binding towards the enzyme to blame for creating DHT. In legally to have published in Lancet Oncology men were studied for the results of PSA levels.


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If it is applied after blisters have formed, it shrinks the blisters overnight and relieves all of the redness and irritation surrounding the sore. Buy Aciclovir without prescription . Men are 20% more likely to develop recurrences of HSV-2 than are women. Available as being a powder or as a supplement, it really is often utilized in Chinese medicine with a herb called astragalus. Once someone has become infected while using disease, they often develop protective immunity for life.

Medication can decrease pain and speed healing time. Genital herpes, normally, does not result in any problems in healthy grown ups. UK Online Chemist - Brand name and Own Branding physical fitness and health products, and all sorts of at discount prices. However, such remedies really should not be used to replace medical therapy by your doctor.

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You must avoid every one of the synthetic sweeteners (for instance, aspartame, sodium saccharin, and so on). Unfortunately, it continues to be difficult to transfer laboratory findings into human application with the present time. The eye needs to be taped shut when you sleep at night to stop it from becoming dry or being scratched accidentally. Herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) usually targets the bottom part of the body starting through the waist and most especially the genital parts.


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Pet Images: 

momma misses you so much. I am so sorry.

anonymous's picture

baby joe

Pet Images: 

I cry for you everyday.

anonymous's picture

This is Jack (Lumber Jack)

Pet Images: 
my boy.jpg

We lost our precious furkid to feline palatinates when he was just a cub. We called him Lumber Jack because he was the best climber we ever saw. He would go for morning walks with his Dad and Kitty The Wonder Dog. He was such a special friend and we miss him ever day. I hope that he is playing with all of the other kittens in heaven and knows how much we love him.

anonymous's picture

Terra Long The Dotted Lion and Maka

Pet Images: 
christmas 2008 010.JPG
christmas 2008 030.JPG

These are two of the finest cats to ever hunt a mouse. This is Terra Long The Dotted Lion and Maka. We were blessed with their friendship and love for over 18 years. They may not be in our home, but they will always be in our hearts.

anonymous's picture

Gone but never forgotten

Pet Images: 
Syd and Friends.JPG
Cali last photo.jpg
indy couch.jpg

To all my beloved pets...You all have been loved. I will never forget one of you. I am glad you were part of my life.

Sydney - Middle dog (Am Staff) (friends Dorian and Rocky - both passed)

And to all the others....

anonymous's picture

Ailsa -the perfect loving girl

We were so lucky to find you, even though, as students, we could barely afford your food. You were meant to be a part of our lives. You saved me countless numbers of times from myself and put life into perspective for me. We tried to give you the best always. And you gave us the best back for 13 years of a beautiful life. It's been 21 long years since you left this earth. But know that you will always be missed, cherished and held close in our hearts ... Until we meet again.

anonymous's picture

Beau and Truus

Pet Images: 
beau en truus.jpg

I always will love my lovely Lab Beau, died april 2003, and my dearest Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Truus, died dec. 2012. I will never forget them!

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My Baby Girl Sugar. R.I.P. 9/13/14

Pet Images: 

I just laid my beloved Sugar to rest yesterday. She was 18 years and two months old. A week ago today she had a bout...either a stroke or a seizure or possibly a tumor that paralyzed her face. She couldn't even close her eyes. I have no children except for my fur babies and she was the last of three to cross the Rainbow Bridge. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. We had a routine and I keep seeing her out of the corner of my eye, laying on the floor or in her basket and I keep hearing the patter of her feet on the hard wood. I just found out that today was National Pet Memorial Day and wanted to share a photo of my baby girl.

anonymous's picture

My Rastas

Pet Images: 

My dearest Rastas, you were more than a dog or pet. You were a mentor, a guiding light, my best friend, a therapist, and most importantly my son. You were with me for a very long time and I will always cherish that, but as a selfish human I long to see, feel, and nuzzle my face into your big fluffy neck. Only now do you know the impact and power you had on my life and in my spirit. Ever since you have gone my heart has been empty. I long to see your face and put my arms around your neck. I am sad you had to go, but know you will forever be with me. I love you Rastas more than anything I have ever loved before. You were and are my son. I love you Booozie.

anonymous's picture

My Rastas

Pet Images: 

My dearest Rastas, you were more than a dog or pet. You were a mentor, a guiding light, my best friend, a therapist, and most importantly my son. You were with me for a very long time and I will always cherish that, but as a selfish human I long to see, feel, and nuzzle my face into your big fluffy neck. Only now do you know the impact and power you had on my life and in my spirit. Ever since you have gone my heart has been empty. I long to see your face and put my arms around your neck. I am sad you had to go, but know you will forever be with me. I love you Rastas more than anything I have ever loved before. You were and are my son. I love you Booozie.

anonymous's picture

Our Beautiful Ubu

Pet Images: 
Sundry 006.jpg

Although, it will be 6 years this November 22nd that you left us, we still miss you so much. We hope you are happy and healthy and loving your new life. One day, we will see you again on the other side. Love you so much! Never forgotten. Forever in our hearts. xo

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Drake Michael

Pet Images: 

In loving memory of my best friend Drake Michael Francisco. We lost our precious fur-baby on September 5th to bone cancer. So young only 5 years old. I miss him everyday and try to get through and hope it gets easier.

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Pet Images: 
20140517_143729 maggie May 2014.jpg
20140517_143720 #2.jpg
maggie (2 of 4).jpg
CINNAMON pix.jpg




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My Beautiful and Beloved Sassie Britches

Pet Images: 

Here's my Beautiful little Sassie Britches. I had her with me from the day she was born and she was with me until she was just passed 22 years old when she crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. She brought many wonderful happy, warm, loving, and loyal years. She had 3 litters of awesome little puppies, and her puppies went on to fulfill many happy years to me and with their new mommies and daddy's. In fact, I sill have one of her sons with me and he just turned 13 years old on August 12, 2014. She now waits patiently for him and me, for the day we can join her again. She faithfully waits for the day we can all be together again.

Sassie as you can see from her photo, that she was a Beautiful, tiny Red Fawn with a black saddle on her back and had the biggest heart! She loved to romp and play with her son and her many toys, andshe loved playing fetch and wrestling with both Shane (her son) and me. She loved most of all to be curled up in my lap or being help in my arms. She might have been tiny in size, (only weighing in at all of 4 pounds, but she had a heart as big as Mount Everest!! She was with me through thick and thin. She always seem to know my moods whether they be Happy or Sad. If I ever felt sad, she would come and curl up in my lap or lay closely by my side! She was a champ and an awesome mother to her babies. I will always remember her and carry deep in my heart! She was and always will be momma's baby girl, right up until the end and into eternity. I held her in my arms when she finally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge so she wasn't alone when her time came. I Love You baby girl!!! You are still my little Angel!!!

anonymous's picture

Pet Memorial Day

Pet Images: 

My baby Snuggles was with me for almost 18 years. When I lost her, I lost a part of myself. I love & miss her infinity.

anonymous's picture

Runjhun loved and missed forever

Pet Images: 

He left us suddenly on 17 Oct.-2011 after falling sick .I took him to vet but all efforts went in vein.we were shattered like anything.we love you and remember you.may you find peace in god's hands.

anonymous's picture

my sweet sweet babies

oh how i miss my most recent 3 babies Titan, Diva and Zodiac (Zodie) RIP my sweet Angels 6/5, 6/9, & 6/20/2012, though I still have their brother, I love and you all so much. Born in my hands on 3/12/2012 and died in my arms. To all pet moms-n-dads, get them vaccinated on time, parvo took my babies and it was the most heartbreaking and tormenting event to have to watch them suffer and die so violently. I still am not mentally or emotionally right from it.

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my sweet sweet babies

oh how i miss my most recent 3 babies Titan, Diva and Zodiac (Zodie) RIP my sweet Angels 6/5, 6/9, & 6/20/2012, though I still have their brother, I love and you all so much. Born in my hands on 3/12/2012 and died in my arms. To all pet moms-n-dads, get them vaccinated on time, parvo took my babies and it was the most heartbreaking and tormenting event to have to watch them suffer and die so violently. I still am not mentally or emotionally right from it.

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Kaneta Kae

Pet Images: 
7-11 Cleveland, OH-1.jpg
2011-02-17 16.23.52.jpg

This Is Our Kaneta, She Will Furever Be 17. She Went To The Rainbow Bridge 9/8/14 And She Is Do Missed & Loved! Kaneta Was A Trucking Dog Who Had been All Over The States & Has 2 Million Miles Under Her. She Also Rode On daddy's Goldwing motorcycle. She Was Loved By People Who Didn't Normally Like Poodles Or Small Dogs Because She Was Different.RIP little Girl...Until We Merry Again Someday! Love You Kaneta

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mes animaux que j'ai tant aimer

j'ai eu coquette billou titus et tant d'autre chat quand j'etais petit que je ne me souvient plus leur nom mais je me rappelle leur amour quand j'ai ete plus adulte j'ai eu un chien tatou une labrador croisé qui est dcd , fidji une berger allemande sa compagne dcd aussi, j'ai eu ma titou une splendide berger belge dcd aussi , ma léa ma chattetous je les es recueilli et ils me manque chaque jour ,

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mes animaux que j'ai tant aimer

j'ai eu coquette billou titus et tant d'autre chat quand j'etais petit que je ne me souvient plus leur nom mais je me rappelle leur amour quand j'ai ete plus adulte j'ai eu un chien tatou une labrador croisé qui est dcd , fidji une berger allemande sa compagne dcd aussi, j'ai eu ma titou une splendide berger belge dcd aussi , ma léa ma chattetous je les es recueilli et ils me manque chaque jour ,

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mes animaux que j'ai tant aimer

j'ai eu coquette billou titus et tant d'autre chat quand j'etais petit que je ne me souvient plus leur nom mais je me rappelle leur amour quand j'ai ete plus adulte j'ai eu un chien tatou une labrador croisé qui est dcd , fidji une berger allemande sa compagne dcd aussi, j'ai eu ma titou une splendide berger belge dcd aussi , ma léa ma chattetous je les es recueilli et ils me manque chaque jour ,

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For all my Pets that have passed.

From my very first dog to all the ones I have now, it is never easy when they pass. So for Heidi, 16yrs old, Wiemaraner, my very first dog..I still miss you so. Max, my 2nd dog, rescue pup, lived for 12yrs, you are in my heart as well, Pettie, Blk Lab, 13yrs old, passed from cancer, and a rescue. You brought joy to my life. Roxsy, 13yrs old, my first Rotweiller, and a rescue, you changed my mind on your breed, you stayed by me when Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, the joy and love you gave to me still envelopes me daily, Digby, 18yrs old westie. You, my friend were just pure love and happiness. I miss them all so very much. each one of my pets that have passed taught me many things. The love of our animals is the greatest gift we receive. I am lucky to have each one for so many years. I now have 5 dogs, and yes, the time will come when I must say good bye. But the unconditional love will stay with me forever. We humans can learn so much from our animal friends. Until we all meet again. I love you all as much as I did when you were alive and living the best life I could give you.
We miss you ALL,
Easton, lab
Sophie, toy poodle
Buddy, westie
Mollie, rottie
Molly, yorkie

anonymous's picture

My Zachariah

Pet Images: 
Luke Mia N Zach 1206.jpg

My sweet boy, its been two and a half months and my heart still breaks. We were blessed to have him for 10 yrs.

anonymous's picture



anonymous's picture


Pet Images: 

My gorgeous girl Willow, aged 16 Who was very sick and I lost her in March :'( still miss her and wish she were still here. Love you Willow Xxxxx

anonymous's picture


anonymous's picture


anonymous's picture

pet memorial

For my pets throughout the years:

Rusty, Irish Setter. Brother, Beagle
Mugus, cat. Midnight, cat
Dogs, Shelby & Delby, Maltese brother and sister
Andy, Yellow Lab
Buffy, Black Lab mix

Cats: Ferals.... Tom, Lucy, Ethel, Mama, Earl, Randy, others Torties/Calicos
Kittens: RESCUES...litter of 5 ..Seamus, Shelley, Martin, Warrior, Grace..Calicos
Cat: indoor pet.. SylvieEsther black/white domestic shorthair

Remembered with love, joy, sorrow and a knowledge that we will see each other again one day.

anonymous's picture

always in my heart

Pet Images: 

My beloved dexter I miss you so much my boy. Everyday the tears fall uncontrolled. I hace to believe that one day I will through your ball for you again. Until then my friend fly free. I love you more then mere words could ever convey. R.I.P. DEXTER♡♡♡♥♥♥

anonymous's picture

Dexter always in my heart

Pet Images: 

My beloved dexter I miss you so much my boy. Everyday the tears fall uncontrolled. I have to believe that one day I will through your ball for you again. Until then my friend fly free. I love you more then mere words could ever convey. R.I.P. DEXTER♡♡♡♥♥♥

anonymous's picture


Pet Images: 


anonymous's picture

Thinking of Our Pets

Midnight, Goldie, Lucky, Snowball, Duke, Bobbie, Happy1-7, Spot, Patter, Chirpy, Spring, Professor, Abby... .all special pets....thinking of you....