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The Café News Page, compiled by the ICCFA's Rick Platter, is your comprehensive daily update of the latest news about the cemetery, cremation and funeral service business.
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Preserving the clothing memories of the deceased


Project Repat makes it easy to preserve t-shirts and clothing by turning it into a t-shirt quilt. Since 2012, Project Repat has sold more than 12,000 quilts, many to familiy members who have recently lost a loved one. One of the most difficult decisions for a family member is to decide what to do with the clothing that the deceased has left behind. Too often, that clothing remains in the closet because the loved one can't bear to get rid of the memories. Clothing is very personal - our t-shirts often carry our beliefs, our culture, and our accomplishments. Project Repat has found a way to make this service affordable for everyone, with prices between 70 and 200 dollars. 

We've heard wonderful stories from customers around the country who have taken advantage of preserving their loved one's clothing memories. We are proud to be providing such a meaningful and personal service to those who need it, and see our service as a natural and helpful part of the grieving process. 

We've kept a blog of memorable stories from our customers, which can be seen here. We are interested in offering this service to as many people as possible, and are interested in speaking with funeral home directors who can offer this service to their clients. Please contact for more information. 

A t-shirt quilt from Project Repat

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