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The News Page

The Café News Page, compiled by the ICCFA's Rick Platter, is your comprehensive daily update of the latest news about the cemetery, cremation and funeral service business.
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Industry News 5.11.2015


College of International Studies Debuts at ICCFA University 
Learn about the funeral customs of all major religions and population groups from around the world in the
College of International Studies at this year's session of ICCFA University, July 17-22 at the University of Memphis. Learn more at

Why Women Make Good Funeral Directors (U.S.)

Guide to Life: Making burial choices in advance can alleviate family burden (U.S.)

Cremations on the rise (U.S.)

Mortician, crematorium operator and author Caitlin Doughty on how to have a good death (U.S.)

Women at work: Female funeral directors say our empathy, listening skills help (U.S.)



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Industry News 5.8.2015


Serve Everyone. Learn How at ICCFA University! 
Globalization is making the world a much smaller place to live in. Are you sure that you know how to serve families of all nationalities and religious backgrounds in your community? Learn how at

Catholic Church gets the edge in lawsuit over cemetery lease in Long Beach, other cities (U.S.)

Pet owners sue over Wilmington pet cemetery development (U.S.)

Potential acquisitions in the pipeline for Service Corp. International (U.S.)


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