Cemetery Sales Managers and Family Service Counselors (Various Locations)


Are you looking for a change? Are you tired of all the corporate changes, lowered compensation, unfulfilled promises and concern about your job security with your current employer?

This could be your last call!

The fastest growing Privately Owned Cemetery Sales Company in the country, currently with 40 locations in 9 states, is seeking experienced and successful Cemetery Sales Managers and Family Service Counselors in:

Time remaining: 39%
31/12/2018 (1 year)

Physical Mail Predicted to Increase in 2017

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All of the marketing pundits agree that the forecast for 2017 will bring the triumphant return of physical mail. Companies will begin to cut through the abundance of digital media noise by sending their customers unique, physical mail pieces, hoping to stand out from the crowd.

The key to success remains using finely-tuned mailing lists along with copy & offer specifically created for that target group.


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A good website is vital…and not as easy as pie

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I do a lot of consulting with small business owners who are looking to improve their business. I tell them there are 3 must-haves to succeed in business.

• A Business Plan – to focuses on goals and how to reach them
• A Financial Plan – to plot to review budget
• A Marketing Plan – to get the word out and drum up the business.

My job is the marketing plan: https://www.datamangroup.com

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A U.S. District Court in Texas granted an injunction to block controversial new overtime regulations issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) from going into effect on December 1. The new regulations are suspended pending a final judgement by the court.