Kickstart Your Marketing Program with 55 Words that Convert

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It doesn’t matter whether this is a subject line of an e-mail, teaser copy on an envelope, the headline of a post or even a tweet – the right verb can make a dramatic difference in the response or open rate.

Marketing Guru, Pat Friesen, has put together this very comprehensive list of the top 55 words that convert.
As always, marketers need to test to see which one performs best for their individual direct marketing program.

BTW - I used the verb “Kickstart” in my headline to generate interest. Which ones do you think will excite your customers?

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Funeral Consumer Alliance Takes a Survey

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I admit it, I’m jealous. The Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA), the funeral profession’s staunchest critic, joined with the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) to take a survey of funeral home prices in ten U.S. metropolitan areas. No, that’s not why I’m jealous. I am jealous because they managed to get their story carried in some prestigious news media outlets including Time, Forbes, and the Washington Post. I wish we could do that.

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