Did You Know “Ma” Green?

Lillian Elizabeth “Ma” Green was a long-serving faculty member of the L.A. College of Anatomy, Embalming, and Sanitation, which became the California College of Mortuary Science, and is now known as Cypress College. She served as President and Vice President of the first two institutions, respectively. She also helped found the California Embalmers Association as their first Vice President. Despite her years of teaching and service, there are no articles or books honoring her life.

In Marketing, Repetition Counts

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Do It Again…and Again because in marketing, repetition counts!

Research has shown that direct mail efforts truly become effective not after the first, not after the second, but after the THIRD mailing to the same prospect list. The more times you send a postcard / direct mailing to a recipient, the more likely they are to take action.

I always tell my customers that direct mail is not an event but part of a marketing strategy that takes the company’s goals and budget into consideration.

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