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ICCFA offers suppliers a full range of opportunities to reach thousands of cemetery, funeral and cremation professionals--the owners and operators who make purchasing decisions and have buying power. We are the only association in the industry to include all segments of the profession and are therefore your best choice for expanding your client base.

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FAQ's about Advertising with the ICCFA/PLPA:

Q: Do I have to be a Member of the ICCFA or PLPA in order to advertise (Print or Electronically)?
A: NO! Anyone can advertise with the ICCFA/PLPA.

Q: Do I pay for all of my advertising upfront?
A: No, you do not have to pay for it all upfront if you do not wish to. SOP, is that we use your credit card from the IO FORM from the Media Kit that you fill out once a month to pay for that particular monthly issue that you advertise in, within the 1st week of that said month.

Q: How do I reserve the ad space?
A: Fill out the Insertion Order Form (IO form) from the ICCFA Media Kit and email or fax it into Rick Platter at or fax it to 703-391-8416.

Q: Can I change the size, shape, & color of my advertisments?
A: Yes and No! Yes, you can change the size, shape, & color of your advertisment "BUT" it can only be changed if it is before the last day to reserve ad space for that particular issue (listed in the Media Kit - Editorial Calendar). Once the last day of the Reserve Date has past I cannot change it at all! Our Editor starts to layout the magazine issue and changes are not permitted.

Q: Who do I send my artwork to?
A: Please send your artwork directly to Rick Platter at If your artwork PDF is too large of a file, I use It is a trusted free sight which allows you to send large files at no cost to you. If you use this signt I suggest that you also send me a seperate email from your email address alerting me to keep an eye out for your incoming file from the free website.

Q: Do you also sell electronic Banner Advertisments?
A: Yes, we sell them on the ICCFA website and in our Bi-Weekly Wireless E-Newsletter. The cost for the ads are based on 3-month periods but you receive better discounts for purchasing a Year Long Banner Ad (see the Media Kit for details).

Q: What is the circulation of the ICCFA Magazine?
A: The magazine is circulated to over 7,500+ Businesses and people within the Industry Association but it does not stop there. the Average pass-along readership rate for each issue is 4 additional readers. This brings our totsl readership to nearly 30,000! We also send issues out to all State Association Meetings and Conventions PLUS we also send issues to our attendees at our 4 annual events each year.