Welcome to the ICCFA Blog

This is a new communications vehicle for the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association. It will serve a variety of purposes, the most immediate of which will be to provide a simpler format for updating the Industry News listings.

Instead of going to the News Page each day, you will be able to come here to the Blog, where you can not only read the news but discuss it if you are so inclined.

Also, the "National/International" and "Opinion" news feeds from here on out will be of the self-serve variety: Simply peruse the lists for General News, Opinion, and Blogs, on the sidebars of the page, and visit the ones that interest you.

It may take a wee bit of adjustment to reading the news in the new format, and we appreciate you bearing with us as we bring the listings up to date.

The Blog will also provide a convenient way to distribute timely information about events that fall between the publishing cycles of the ICCFA Magazine and ICCFA Wireless newsletter. Time permitting, for instance, we should be able to provide coverage of next week's ICCFA Convention in Las Vegas.

We hope the ICCFA Blog is a useful service, and we invite your comments and suggestions.