Industry News 03.21.07

Keystone North America Closes $40.3 Million Offering

Funeral home head fights lawsuit

SCI New Jersey Funeral Services Inc. filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging that Wien, who sold his five funeral homes to the Texas-based company 10 years ago, violated a July 1996 agreement not to compete by opening Long Island-based Wien & Son Funeral Directors last year and joining the Fort Lee-based Eden Memorial Chapels earlier this year.

Crunch Announce Details of Dignity Funeral Homes 'Escape School' Program

Death with Distinction

Although artist-designed urns and other objects are still a tiny fraction of the $11 billion death-care industry, as it is known, the gallery's opening - along with novelty items such as wind chimes with built-in cavities, pencils made from cremated remains (roughly 250 pencils per person), diamonds made from ash carbon and bird feeders designed to scatter ashes - reflect the shifting demographics of death and disposition.

More of the dying are choosing a home funeral

Keeping the funeral in the home is one way to keep costs in check, Rolfstad said. But though the practice was the norm for most of human history, it's an option that is usually overlooked.

Funeral home sued for improper embalming

Gravely speaking, green is the only way to go

The bad news is there aren't any green burials going on in Canada. They're big in Britain and growing in popularity in the U.S., but so far they are not happening here.

Support Vt. legislation to allow 'green' burials

Let loved one know you funeral plans

Funeral homes losing on indigents

... funeral directors must furnish a casket, cemetery costs, funeral services and transportation for family members. With the average price of a low-cost funeral totaling more than $3,000, that means funeral homes are often losing more than $1,000 on each indigent funeral, funeral directors say.

Man accused o theft on plot sales

Ex-Rep. Hansen aims high with tombstone

Farmington Mayor Scott Harbertson said one reason marker height had been capped was to prevent interference with sprinklers.

Not a problem, wrote the former Beltway insider. He offered to pay for the relocation of the sprinkler in question.

Residents, officials balk at talk of moving cemetery

Forest Hill lawsuits move slowly

More than 13,000 holders of prepaid burial contracts that the Forest Hill funeral homes aren't honoring are waiting for resolution of their claims as several complex lawsuits grind their way through the courts.

Grandview cemetery plagued by problems

Some crypts flooded; funds alleged missing

Safety Issues Arise At Mokelumne Hill Cemetery

Snow blamed for knocking over headstones, not vandals

TOB Releases Guide to Historic Cemeteries

A lost cemetery, a lost child, a lost soldier: All found

Mount Hope cemetery holds more than past

It matters that things be taken care of at the first break of spring because this is where the stories of the tiny Palouse community of Mount Hope come to an end. The nearly 600 people buried here outnumber Mount Hope's living population roughly tenfold.

Nobody knows 'nothing at all' of cemetery statue

Church seeks money to restore historic cemetery

Owner of Jewish Graceland lets cemetery fall apart

Shorts sells funeral homes after 52 years

In our blood

Blake Sifton reflects on growing up in the shadow of his family's funeral home and corporate encroachment's threat to the integrity of the profession

Agency honors local business

Hines Funeral Service an 'SBA Success Story'

Mourning goes digital: Irish undertaker introduces funeral streaming

Disgusted with insurers, some ditching policies

Funeral homes make adjustments for obese clientele

In Scarborough, going to funeral requires a procession out of town

Scarborough, with a growing number of retirement communities and at least five housing developments that accept only people older than 55, is becoming a magnet for seniors. And the services they need.

Board Opens Hearing On Funeral Director