Grieving the loss of a family pet

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Navigating grief is never easy. And there's no "right way" to do it.  But a good way to start walking down the recovery path is to write about your faithful friend.  It doesn't have to be neat and pretty, just take out a sheet of paper and start jotting down random thoughts of what your friend was and is to you.  Things he did, where he loved to sleep, things that made you laugh.  After a bit, the tears will turn to laughter, and then the healing can begin.  

But you'll be 10 minutes from feeling normal, for a long time. It's been 2 months since our beloved Peeve crossed over to the Bridge, and just yesterday, I turned around and looked to make sure he wasn't trying to run out the back door.  His food bowl still sits on the corner of my desk, where he always ate.  It is okay to keep physical reminders of your baby around.  You will look at them and smile, remembering a special time.    

This was your baby, and you've suffered a death...just like any other death in  your family.  And it just takes time for that pain in your gut to subside.  But it will, I promise.  Just keep talking, and writing, about your sweet baby, and time will heal...I promise.

Until then, send bubble kisses to heaven, plant a memorial garden, and know that the love you gave, and the love that you received, will never die.