The benefits just keep adding up for the PLPA!

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The benefits of the PLPA just keep adding up!  If you are a pet loss professional, you will not want to miss these incredibly valuable upcoming seminars and webinars!

First of all, beginning August 16, and continuing throughout the end of the year, there will be monthly webinars conducted on the topic of pet loss and grief.  From understanding the basics on how to help a grieving pet parent to how to market your pet loss services, these hour sessions will give you just the break that you and your team needs for some wonderful learning!

Secondly, the Certified Pet Loss Professional charter course has been confirmed!  Join us in Fort Worth, Texas, on October 3 and 4, 2011, for 2 days of learning and networking!  You'll hear from industry experts as well as other business professionals on what it takes to be a successful pet loss business operator.  The educational experience will be just what you are looking for to challenge yourself and your team into success! 

We are also honored to have an amazing line-up of pet loss business vendors that will be joining us during our time in Fort Worth.  From showcasing their pet memorialization items to educating the attendees on how to positively effect revenues within a business through product, these vendor partners will be just one more valuable resource to the PLPA members and attendees.

And, lastly, in working with grieving pet parents, knowing how to effectively companion them through the grief process is important.  Rounding out the week in Fort Worth, TX, from October 6 - 8, 2011, you will have the opportunity to earn a certificate in the area of Pet Loss & Companioning.  These three days will focus solely on the grief journey that a pet parent will experience and how you and your team can be prepared to walk with them on this journey as well as how to help your veterinary partners be more versed in this area too.  Furthermore, you will hear in great detail how to market your pet loss services to your community and other pet care providers that will need to know about your company. 

For all of these wonderful sessions, see us the website for more details!  We look forward to having you join us and to learn more about respectful and dignified pet loss services!



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Question: Who gets the designation? Is it necessary to attend the course to get the designation? For those of us that have been doing this for a very long time, I do not see the need to attend the certification in October. Most of what is being covered are not areas that I need help and/or education in. The only area I do not have experience is running a pet cemetery, and I will definitely look into that should the need present itself.

In addition, I have been providing pet loss support for all my families since 2004 - needless to say, I have learned a lot since then! For the last 6 months, I have been working with Dr Corrinne Allyson every 2nd Tuesday of the month with our Pet Loss Support Groups (we are finalizing a Compassion Fatigue course for the vet community and those in the animal rescue domain) - and also with Betty J Carmack, author of the book Grieving the Death of Pet - Betty also heads the San Francisco Pet Loss Support Groups for the last 30 years! Definite experts in this field!

I feel the certification should be a must for all NEW startup businesses that join the PLPA - however, credit for 'business experience' should be considered for those of us already doing all the things being covered in the October session.

Thank you

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Hi Jocelyne,

I understand your questions about the CPLP Certification, for we too, have been serving families in need for, between the 2 of us, over 75 years. Terry spent many years overseeing operations for the largest single-location funeral home and cemetery in the USA. However, since there are no regulations in place, PLPA has to start somewhere, and October is the "somewhere". I have attended and sat through many, many conventions and CEU courses thinking "I already know all there is to know and this is a waste of my time", but this course is different. Different because it will allow those that complete the course to be a Certified Pet Loss Professional...a title that ICCFA and PLPA intend to market to the public as the "best of the best" because we went above and beyond what is required by law. A title that will tell your pet parents that you care enough to go above-and-beyond what your competition is doing.

As far as 'business experience' counting towards the process, there is an application online that the PLPA and Education chairs will review so we have a better "feel" for what our members need in follow-up webinars and courses in the future.

We hope that you will change your mind and come to Texas in October. I think you'll be surprised at what we may have to offer.

Kate Moore and Terry Branson
Beyond the Rainbow Pet Hospice & Memorial Center, Inc.

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Thank you for taking the time to clarify. I just need to understand something - if I am not able to make the course, I will not have the CPLP designation. Since the PLPA will be marketing this designation as 'best of the best,' what classification will I and all those that don't make it, fall under?

I am ALL for processes etc as I am part of the Ethics Committee, however, this CPLP process to me is continuing education, at best, and not a prerequisite to being considered 'best of the best' among my peers and in the eyes of the public. I have earned the right to be recognized for the work I do through my years of being a pet crematorium/memorial center owner and operator. There needs to be another way to certify those of us with experience and expertise.

I really hope the PLPA will not hold me to this designation in order to get recognized.

Thank you again Kate and Terry - I appreciate your dedication to this industry.

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Thanks, Jocelyne - for bringing up questions that many of our other members might have.

Kate's response was spot-on with our intent of this program. And, much like Kate, I, too, am anxious to attend these two days as I am always willing to learn from others, knowing full well after 24 years in the funeral business, I can always learn something!

The full intent of this program is to begin to put in some additional educational components for our members. Much like many of the other certifications that all of us have, getting these additional learnings for our own personal benefits, as well as for our organizations, continuing to fulfill those goals of being the best that each of us can be. The CPLP is not meant to "not recognize" those that didn't do this course. However, much like any other certification process, it is meant to let communities know about those individuals and organizations that wanted to take that extra step and make that commitment, and as we know a sacrifice, to attend these types of sessions.

Further, the CPLP is more than just these two days of courses. There will also be continuing education requirements. These educational requirements continue to fulfill the requests that we've had from the membership in learning opportunities.

So, as you can see, the learning is more than just these two days,.... As one of our foundation blocks for the association is Education, we will continue to bring these types of sessions and extra learning opportunities to our association and its members.