H.R. 3655, the Bereaved Consumer's Bill of Rights Act

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Anyone know status of bill? Understand the Arlington oversight bill passed and wonder if the Bereavement Act got attached.

By the way, this is my first "blog" so forgive me if I am in the wrong section, etc. Where do you go to see interaction between members? I miss the old format that I became accustomed to.

Don Wilson




As of today, 12/21, the Bereaved Consumer Bill of Rights Act, HR 3655, is all but dead. As long as the House is in session there is a minute chance of something happening but at this point it is unlikely. Congressman Rush, sponsor of the bill, has been a tenacious champion of getting it passed and has called in many favors. When the gavel comes down for the last time on the 111th Congress and the House adjourns "sine die" (for good), then we can know for sure that HR 3655 and all other bills not acted on have all expired. Of course the bill can be introduced next year in the new 112th Congress, but with the change-over of the House to Republican control, I would be surprised if the bill would be acted on. We will be making a general announcement to the ICCFA membership once the members decide (at long last!) to go home.

Bob Fells