The 2009 Annual Convention

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The recently concluded Las Vegas Convention was a tremendous success. Attendance was up and the attitude was positive. The presenters each offered insights that were unique, interesting, educational and informative.
There was much to learn, a lot of stuff to remember in the hope of implementing to the betterment of our individual businesses and a pride of partnering that distinguishes the ICCFA.
For those who participate yearly the Convention afforded time to renew and reinvigorate friendships. First timers were sought out and roundly applauded for joining. Everyone who took a first timer under their wing was greeted as a mentor who will always be remembered for the kindness and consideration shown. New relationships were born that over time will evolve into cherished friendships.
This is the tradition and heritage that makes our Association the foundation it is to our profession. We owe our thanks and appreciation to the Staff and the leadership for their devotion and congratulations for once again delivering a memorable and rewarding Convention!                                                                  



I agree completely. My company, Shine On Brightly, exhibited. It was our first national show as an exhibitor. We felt warmly received, and attendees were very open to hearing about our products. Whenever feasible, I will definitely welcome any opportunity to be part of ICCFA events.

Thanks, Ed and Adrienne!

The number of kudos staff have received on site and since returning to the office has been amazing and gratifying. But as you both mention, it is really our amazing attendees who make this Convention so successful.

Linda Budzinski