Missing in America Project

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The Missing in America Project was formed to identify abandoned unclaimed cremated remains of Veterans disintegrating across the nation in basements. Once identified the remains are turned over to the VA for inurnment. (Google MIAP)
Several States have passed legislation that releases those in possession of these remains from liability in aiding in the identification and transfer for inurnment.
The people of the nation owe a duty guaranteed by the government to acknowledge and honor those who served. No greater debt is due from a grateful nation than the recognition earned by serving in our military.
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has proposed legislation directing the Sect of the VA to cooperate with Veteran groups in identifying and inuring abandoned unclaimed cremated remains of Veterans.
Assembly Michael Gianaris of New York is drafting legislation to be introduced to the legislature.
New York City Councilman James Sanders, Jr. is preparing to hold a public hearing before his Veteran Affairs Committee seeking a resolution by the Council in support of the MIAP.
The Councilman has requested those interested to testify. What is sought are Veterans, Veteran Groups and members of our profession as witnesses. Though I have agreed to testify in support of the resolution what is needed are those best able to speak to the issue and represent our professional interests and those of Veterans.
If interested in fulfilling the promise all Americans insured those who served our nation kindly contact me 718 278 3240, Councilman Sanders, attention Angela Patterson, 718 527 4356 AND Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, attention Doug Farrar 202 225 7944.
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Hi Ed - Washington state is one of those whose legislature enacted similar laws to absolve us of all blame, as the saying goes.

Our two state death care associations - mine (the WCFA) and the WSFDA - both are endorsing the project and encouraging our members to participate.

Thanks for posting this information! I hope everybody gets on board. Good luck with your testimony.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

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Thanks for the information and supportive words.

May I suggest/request that those who are interested communicate with Cong.
Maloney for federal resolution and the others involved for New York State?

All the Best!