Toys for Tots

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The New York Metropolitan Cemetery Association held its annual Christmas luncheon featuring members of the Unites States Marine Corp who were coordinators for Toys for Tots.
Of the three Marines in attendance one was a Sergeant with enough metal on his chest to pose a back strain. Being the ranking NCO he spoke on behalf of the Corps dedication to children regardless of their family’s affiliation with the Service. In a somewhat halting voice which at first reflected his anxiety of public speaking his demeanor changed when he addressed the needs of children left without a present on Christmas day. Having been one himself his voice assumed the clarity of purpose that left no doubt that speaking to the audience was a young man who had seen more of this world then many of us ever will.  
St. Michael’s usually conducts a holiday Concert which is open to all. With great cheer and happiness we offer Holiday music that rings across the cemetery. The gratitude and appreciation by the attendees shines on their faces and numerous slaps on our backs in thanks.
Sitting and listening to the Sergeant we concluded that beginning next year our Concert will be in support of the Marine Corp's drive to acquire toys for tots. The MCA donated over $2000 to the effort. Hopefully next year’s St. Michael’s Holiday Concert will further aid the drive.
It seems so simple to find avenues for our profession to open our doors for the good and welfare of our communities. Many members do so yearly. Regardless of the returns we may enjoy we are a group always seeking to serve our communities. Perhaps the lay population in general fails to see the good we do, yet at night when we close our eyes, we have reason to smile.


Great post, thanks, Ed! Congratulations to you and St. Michael's on your decision to spread some holiday cheer to those in need. May you inspire a raft of similar resolutions among those who read your blog!

Linda Budzinski