Rising Star

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Annually St. Michael’s hosts several events. Scott Joplin is honored with a concert and BBQ featuring music by the iconic composer and showcasing the evolution of rag. The Night Hawks led by Vince Giordano thrilled the audience and will repeat his performance this year. It is electrifying to witness couples dancing in the cemetery surrounded by headstones and community mausoleums.
Additionally St. Michael’s offers a Winter Jazz Concert, a Memorial Service for the First Responders of September 11th, a Holiday Candle Lightning Service, and All Saints Day Service and open the Chapel for use by any funeral director or community group that makes a request for the space.
The Memorial Counselors of St. Michael’s begin and end every contact with a family seeking to serve their needs. As a solely commissioned group this may seem contrary to their self interests. Each has learned and accepted that by addressing the needs of each family rather than their own interests the results will be continued rewards and benefits.
This is predicated upon a protection system in place. Once a Client is registered the Client remains an asset of the Counselor. There is no time limitation or imposed quota. All that is required is contact with the Client.
St. Michael’s has experienced Client registrations that have not produced a sale for several years. Eventually sales to registered Clients occur. Thanks to the personal relationships developed over time free of pressure to make a sale the initial sale is usually followed by other family members also purchasing. Our Counselors make relationships rather than sales. By doing so they insure their sales and the health, vitality and future of St. Michael’s.
Recognition is a reward for a job well done. The Queens Chronicle is a major news organization throughout the City of New York. Yearly they solicit nominations for their “Rising Stars of Queens.” This year Nicholas Papamichael, a Memorial Counselor with St. Michael’s for 7 years has been nominated and selected a Rising Star.
On February 4th, 2010 Nick will stand with other leaders of Queens and accept his plague and applause. Many among the 400 plus in attendance have become acquainted with Nick through his service to the families St. Michael’s serves.
The acknowledgement is uplifting reinforcing the tenets of St. Michael’s core belief that by serving the citizens of the City of New York we fulfill the true calling of our profession.