MCFCA 1st Annual Holiday Gathering

Linda and I drove up to Baltimore last Thursday, Dec. 4, for the Maryland Cemetery, Funeral and Cremation Association's 1st Annual Holiday Gathering. We saw a number of old friends and also got to meet some new ones.

Gino Merendino, Linda Budzinski, Richard Cody














Gino Merendino, Linda Budzinski, Richard Cody

I did not do a head count but if memory serves there were at least 70 people and possibly more, a fantastic turnout for an inaugural event.

Here are the MCFCA folks who put it on:


 Lisa Standiford, Marjorie Sinnot, Amy Shimp, Mary Auld, Tom Claxton












MCFCA 1st Annual Holiday Gathering: Lisa Standiford, Marjorie Sinnot, Amy Shimp, Mary Auld, Tom Claxton

The purpose was to provide a casual atmosphere for socializing, to allow industry members not familiar with MCFCA to get to know the organization. Tickets for the dinner were extremely inexpensive because virtually the entire spread and beverages were sponsored (ICCFA provided the Roast Beef Carving Station). It's not a bad idea because keeping the price as low as possible is a good way to encourage attendance, none of the sponsors had to take on that big of an expense, and they got their name out there to a decent sized crowd of cemeterians, funeral directors and other suppliers.

It was held at the Rusty Scupper restaurant right on Baltimore's Inner Harbor - a location matched by few others in the area - on a beautiful evening. Thanks to MCFCA for putting on such a nice event, and we look forward to next year.



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The Washington Cemetery & Funeral Association (WCFA) (I'm the executive director) plans to launch a series of similar receptions in '09, the first of which will be at Hawthorne Funeral Home and Memorial Park in Mount Vernon, Washington. Our plan is to invite funeral directors and cemeterians (members and non-members), as well as any current or prospective supplier members, for a meet-and-greet. We are thinking of rotating the receptions around the state, maybe quarterly, holding them at member properties. We'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to make the receptions successful.
Judy Faaberg