Progress Report: Almost Christmas Isn't That GREAT

This is a test of the image uploading which for some absolutely annoying reason will not work correctly. I think it may be one of the modules we are using so let's try it the old fashioned way, just by sticking the image right here with HTML code:

Scene from Key West

This is a scene from the off hours of the Death Care Management Council meeting in early October.

A meeting at which, I might add, I did the first public presentation about the new ICCFA Web site, and where I noted joshingly the goal was to have the site operational by November 1, "which means it probably will deliver by Christmas! Har har har!" The joke being all this tech stuff takes much longer than it is supposed to.

Well, now it IS almost Christmas and I am no longer laughing. The project began with a list of features we wanted to implement, and a general list of tools with which to do so. The problem has turned out to be some of the tools are not playing together nicely as far as I can tell.

I think the strategy now has to be to focus in on the few things that are working perfectly, get them rolled out, and then add the other stuff in as we put the puzzle pieces together. By January 2 life is going to become so busy for us right up until the Convention in April that there will be limited time to devote to the site. Time to trim our expectations and pursue that which is attainable.


And the image comes across perfectly even for non-authenticated visitors. So the problem is definitely with the Image Assist module permissions. What this tells me is, we want to bag Image Assist if we can't make it work relatively quickly, and develop a new workflow for adding images to the site.

judyfaaberg's picture

Don't make me laugh. Your site is going up so much more quickly than most usually do, it's amazing, especially as complex as this one is. Of course, the Dream Team probably didn't take time off for our holidays - just like you!

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP