This Web Site Is Optimized For Firefox!

It's time to just come right out and say it: Internet Explorer is for the birds and no one should use it for general Web browsing.

I have to use it for exactly three purposes: Checking my Chase health savings account Web site which only works in IE; working on the backup server for this Web site, where the virtual private network stupidly requires IE; and testing everything we are doing on this Web site - after determining it works in FireFox, what sort of contortions we have to go through to make it work with IE for the benefit of all the poor saps out there who are still using it.

Firefox: Firefox

Everyone should switch to Firefox right now if you have not done so already. If you are reading this on IE, your conscience should compel you to click that link right now and download Firefox for free.

The reason for this rant is we just upgraded a critical piece of software called Panels which controls the layout of some of the pages, and lo and behold the Screening Room - one of the trickier designs - is FUBAR in Internet Explorer. In the long run the change to Panels will be for the better because it will help us customize the Groups pages, but in the short run I want to pay Paul Elvig to go over to Redmond and deliver Bill Gates a stern tongue lashing.

Internet Explorer is insecure - at least twice a year some major new fault is found by which hackers can take over your computer or read everything you are typing - and it just works so badly that it's amazing Firefox does not have the majority of the market yet (I think it is near 40% so far). But having IE built into the Windows operating system I guess is like having a box of chocolates on your desk. Impossible to over come the inclination to indulge without even thinking about it.

Firefox is so much more logical and works so much better that everyone who uses it sticks with it. You will too.

I'm going to get a Firefox promotional notice posted on this site somewhere prominently very soon. By the way, Safari (the browser that comes with Mac) seems to work very well on the site, next best after Firefox, although I even encourage Mac users to run Firefox in order to get the absolute best Web experience.

Switch to Firefox!


judyfaaberg's picture

Joe, you asked me to use Firefox and I did, for awhile. But then you said the site was IE-usable so I lazily went back to IE. It's helped me to find a bug or two. But conversely it's probably been the reason I've had some of my in-progress posts evaporate before my disbelieving eyes,and that's just disheartening. I type fast and think faster and it's nothing for me to knock out a few hundred extremely profound words only to blink and they're gone, never to return again.

So I will force myself to form the Firefox habit. Remember, if you do something for - what is it - ten times in succession, it becomes habit? I'll even do the same on my other computer. Promise!

I just have to figure out how to create bookmarks in Firefox.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP