Live from Sterling, Virginia

The site is now live in that no longer points to the old server, may it rest in peace, although there is obviously still some patching up and fine-tuning to do. Some of the features like the Consumer Resource Guide could not be made to work until we switched the domain name to the new server, and e-mail notifications for the same reason. But this is in effect a 4-day weekend and traffic on the site will be relatively low so it is a good time to have this "messy" phase.

Tinkering with the design will continue for approximately the next few years, thus the style sheet will remain a work in progress. For this roll out stage I want to keep it as simple as possible until all of our content is functional, then we can pretty it up some more.

Moving the domain name also whacked our e-mail for going on 24 hours now. This was inevitable - another reason to make the change on a holiday. If you have sent messages to any e-mail addresses and have not gotten a response, it could be the message is floating in the ether somewhere. I believe the Internet fairies will try to deliver for a few days, however, before returning to sender.

Most all of the Cafe sections are working as they're supposed to, which was the priority. The official ICCFA "brochure-ware" sections are still being filled in; for now this is just cutting and pasting from the old site, and should be completed in a day or two.

There are something like 300 articles waiting to be posted to the Reading Room, and LOTS more coming after that. I just need the requisite time, energy and motivation to get them up there.

Speaking of methamphetamines, it turns out I would have needed about a bakers dozen if I was actually going to do any "blogging" of the Wide World of Sales Conference, and considering how I have grown quite fond of living outside the prison walls that was not going to happen. It was a great Conference, probably our best ever, but quite exhausting. We watched a couple episodes of Lost each night before crashing, and I was barely able to stay awake for that. And every year it seems to take a day longer to recover, so I was not able to get to it this weekend either ...

Next weekend, after a lot of the Web site stuff is fixed, I plan to do a recap with photos, and soon will also have a small sample on video. The closing session by Gary O'Sullivan and David Shipper was the stuff of legends; if the video came out halfway decent I think that is the one I will post.


Looking forward to your comments. Definitely one of our best conferences. David deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Gary O.

Linda Budzinski

judyfaaberg's picture

Two of my favorite presenters in one presentation? How can you lose?

Those of you who don't attend the WCFA conventions missed a truly entertaining presentation featuring Shipper as the Corporate Guy and Bill Wright as Independent Guy debating the merits or demerits of both forms of cemetery/funeral home ownership. Shipper even played the violin (or pretended to, until he broke the bridge of my violin). I'll see if I can find photos - that was about 10 years ago - and post them.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP