Welcome to our new team member!

(A more casual photo is here)

Julie was, among other things, our lead interviewer for the "man on the street" video recordings of Conference attendees at the Wide World of Sales. A number of us on the staff are already very familiar with Julie because of her committee work (particularly chair of the KIP Awards) and as a speaker at ICCFA meetings, but it was a great experience to spend an extended time with her. I think I speak for the rest of the gang in saying the chemistry is excellent. Welcome aboard, Julie!


Hear, hear! Welcome aboard ... you make a great addition to the staff!

Linda Budzinski

judyfaaberg's picture

These are exciting times for the ICCFA!

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

Hi Julie,

Wilbert has taken a huge hit. However, a great Association has just gotten better for having lured you over. Warmest congratulations - this is an excellent match!

John Tittel
PSM - The Picture Specialist for Memorial
St. Jerome, Quebec, Canada

Julie A. Burn's picture

I am very happy to be a part of ICCFA.

It is amazing how many people have stated that my new position with the association is an excellent match. (Thank you, John, for being one of them.)