Progress Report: Fair to Middlin'

Another late-night progress report (is there any other kind?)

If you click on the links in the blue band above you will see that now most of them actually lead to something more informative than Bozo the Reprimanding Clown. This is a good thing.

The few that are empty I am not so copacetic about because they are each looking pretty labor intensive. So the work goes on.

The next critical priority is to get payment processing working so people can pay for stuff on the site. I finally got our SSL certificate validated, so payment authorization should only be a step away. Then, meeting registrations, dues payments and product purchases will be functional online.

On Wednesday we will upload a current database of members to make all the "Directories" look-ups work properly. Ongoing will be the population of the ICCFA Store with product and price information. Also ongoing will be the development of explanatory pages for Advertising and Services/Products.

Estimated time of delivery for the above is, oh... In the future. Why so vague? Mainly because the text or "verbiage" still needs to be developed for the remaining ICCFA promotional pages, and the technical aspects need to be figured out for other portions.

Please stay tuned because more is coming online.