Even MORE new videos up in the Screening Room

Some really excellent presentations have just been posted in the Screening Room, from Conventions earlier this decade. Glenn Gould and Ann Bastianelli on death care marketing, Julie Burn on personalization and Todd Van Beck on the state of the industry. These were among our best Convention sessions of the time, and still extremely relevant today.

Go take a look at the teasers, and if you are an ICCFA member log in to see the complete videos. If you did not happen to be at these Conventions, you'll see there is enough good information in only these four presentations to justify the cost of your annual ICCFA dues - but when you consider all the information in all of the OTHER videos already posted there, and the many more to come ... well it's just plain ridiculous what a great value your ICCFA membership really is.

I realize the Screening Room so far is a pretty eclectic mix of material. I think that's one of the coolest things about our archives (and why they comprise what will be the most unique feature of this Web site). Since 1887, this organization has definitely embraced a variety of subject matter. As we get more of the videos, audios and articles onto the Web site there will eventually be a "something for every interest group" aspect to it, which is the goal.

One caveat is we are going to be pretty deliberate about the "freshness" factor of the videos in particular, meaning there will be some very new ones, but the majority will be a few years old at the most recent. The reason for this, of course, is we don't want anyone saying they don't need to come to the Convention or Sales Conference or whatever because they are going to wait for the video to be posted here. People can do that, but the wait will likely be a few years so anyone who wants the latest, best information NOW still needs to come to the meeting.

But recognizing not everyone can attend the meetings, and quite a lot of the information from those older events is worthwhile (if nothing else for historical interest), I think the Screening Room is one of the best things on the Web in our industry. Check it out and I think you will agree.