A Bleg and Some Random Notes

Just a few quick notes before hitting the ol' dusty trail home:

First, a bleg ("use of a blog to beg") on behalf of one of our members on the Network: Anyone know where it might be possible to find a discontinued Batesville Keepsake Urn called "Ocean Waves"?

Here is a photo of the urn:

If you know where one of these might be found, please send a note to Web Site Feedback via our Contact page, or leave a note here in the comments.

Second, a new feature is coming into fruition, the industry event calendar, which is tied to the associations in the Association Pipeline database. We've just started filling in the dates, and there are a LOT more to go, but you can get the idea how having a comprehensive list of all the events in the industry, world-wide, will be a useful resource.

Getting this first batch up, probably a few hundred listings at minimum, will be one of those hercules-cleaning-the-stables kind of tasks for those of us working on it, but once it is up to date maintaining it won't be such a big deal. Note: If you are a current ICCFA member you can create events here, and be sure to use the handy "Organization" dropdown to attach the event to your state association or other association.

Finally, there are going to be a lot more articles posted pretty soon in the Reading Room, in addition to the hundreds already there. The sheer quantity of information there has brought us to the point where you can do some really interesting topical searches. Try it out! You can use either the regular site-wide search tool, or the more focused one in the reading room. I am going to create a page with some pre-scripted custom searches as soon as I get out of this Slough of Despond a little closer to completion of the site.


Joe ... just registered (finally) and checked out you blog. I like the idea of using such to request assistance in locating an out-of-production urn, etc.

I will check you the new website carefully and give you my commentary ... for what it worth ... early next week. Keep smiling. paul

And he did find the urn!