Sneak Preview of Gary O'Sullivan and David Shipper presenting "What Works"

Two people whom you would not normally expect to see on a stage together, Gary O'Sullivan and David Shipper, put on one of the most informative and entertaining presentations I've ever seen, at the 2009 ICCFA Wide World of Sales Conference.

On April 23 at 11:00 am, they are going to do it again at the 2009 ICCFA Convention at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Here is a little preview:

For those of you who missed out in January, this is your chance to see it, and some of you who were at the January conference might choose to watch it again because these are two smart guys who will have undoubtedly done some fine tuning the past few months.

Long story short: Unbeknownst to most of us, David and Gary spent the past three years working out a sales management system for David's properties. In the process, they discovered that all of the existing information and materials out there were in some cases in need of optimization and in all cases in need of integration. Thus, they decided to just write the whole thing from the ground up. And by whole thing I mean from ads to activity tracking, from first day training to detailed Encyclopedia Brittanica-level product awareness, from alpha to omega, from soup to nuts-on-Mars. As somebody who has worked on these sorts of things for the past twenty years, let me assure you their project was an absolutely insane endeavor to take on - but the result is ridiculously good. And I am not saying that as a business endorsement, but simply as someone who has labored in the same vineyard and can appreciate artistry.

This presentation called "What Works" is a tiny offshoot of that project whereby Gary and David share several important things they learned, some of which will likely be of value to every sales manager at the Convention.