Last Minute Convention Notes

Just a few items prior to loading up the backpacks, filling the canteens, and trekking over to the Rt. 50 West on ramp for the long hitch hike out to Las Vegas.

  • We are going to attempt to video-blog the Convention, so watch this space during the week for updates. I say attempt because you never know what is going to happen onsite. We are definitely going to be capturing tons of video but if it gets too crazy busy maybe we'll just have the old fashioned word-blogs here. In any case the ICCFA Cafe will be the place for Convention news and updates.
  • It's officially going to be record attendance and record number of booths sold, I will have numbers posted here probably on Tuesday afternoon when we see what the onsite registration activity has been. As a hint, however: At this moment we have sold 200 more hotel rooms than we did last year and that is just at Mandalay Bay which sold out several weeks ago - no idea yet how many people have reserved at one of the alternate hotels.
  • And yes, since there are at least a billion other hotels nearby please do not hesitate to attend the Convention if you are still thinking of it. Either at that link, or at, you can easily find a room to suit your budget. Right now, for instance, Luxor has rooms for $85 a night and Excaliber for $46 a night; both are walking distance from Mandalay Bay. Just look for hotels on the "South Strip" or near the airport.
  • Be sure to check out Robin Heppel's pre-Convention interviews to hear from some of our speakers and get a sense of what you can expect next week.
  • Hope to see everyone next week at Mandalay Bay. If we've never met please come introduce yourself, I will be the guy with the video camera, notepad and portable stove.