The Cryptones Play Sweet Home Alabama

Last song of the night last night, killer finish to Convention week.

Keynote speaker and all-around good guy Doug Gober on lead vocals.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our commenters, here is the full list of Cryptones band members:

Keyboards & Vocals - Vicky Amato (performer at Pat O'Briens and wife of Doug Gober, New Orleans, Louisiana)
Bass - Chris Bentley (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Guitar and Vocals - Mike Burke (Palm Mortuary, Las Vegas, Nevada)
Vocals and Tambourine - Doug Gober (Matthews International Corporation, New Orleans, Louisiana)
Guitar - Mark Krause (Krause Funeral Homes, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Guitar - Rick Martin (Palm Mortuary, Las Vegas, Nevada)
Sax - Jay Poster (King David Memorial Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada)
Drums - Rich Webster (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I only got one angle from the right side but the entire performance was professionally filmed so eventually the whole thing, with video of the entire band, may be available.


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Ladies and gentlemen, I was present at the historic occasion when the idea for the Cryptones was hatched. It was, naturally, in Memphis. It was several years ago and I had despaired of the Cryptones ever actually coming into being and performing. Well, these boys (and lady) sure kept a great secret! They were damn great performers and you must be SURE to play the videos Joe posted here at the Cafe. I can only hope and pray that they'll appear again soon and that I'm in the room when they do.


Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

We knew Vicky was a serious talent because Linda and I had seen her play in New Orleans, but I was blown away by how good Mark, Mike and Doug were. Mike is an outstanding front man! Mark has got the chops - amazing lead guitar. And Doug is a really, really good singer.

This was something for the ages, that is for sure. I got some other good snippets of video but because of the press of business at the Convention was not able to plant myself by the stage. But I think the band got a professional taping of the whole thing so hopefully they will eventually get the files to us so we can post all the songs here.

Yeah, if the Crypts can avoid the pitfalls of fame, sidestep the temptation to hubris and minimize the infighting and love triangles that have taken down so many of America's greatest bands, maybe we will all be lucky enough to see them again sometime.

For those lucky enough to be in attendance, this was a piece of cemetery and funeral industry history.

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You shoulda given me your camera again! It was seriously fun and yes, I hope the dudes avoid the pitfalls and, more importantly, pratfalls. Somehow, I think they will. Miracles do happen.

History definitely was made last night. Attending the ICCFA annual convention? PRICELESS.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

Sax - Jay Poster (King David Memorial Chapel - Las Vegas Nevada)
Guitar - Rick Martin (Palm Mortuary - Las Vegas Nevada)
Bass - Chris Bentley (Las Vegas Nevada)
Drums - Rich Webster (Las Vegas Nevada)

Thought you should know.

Now listed above. I hope the official recording will be made available because it does show the entire band. All I got was the one side and with my little handheld could not zoom close enough to get the sax player and guys on other side.

Month's of hard rehearsing, many times away from our wives and families, and a whole lot of rockin'. I can now hear again so I will speak for the band that we had a great time and many of our songs were very, very good that night. I hope that after all of the mixing that we can get some more of what this rockin' band was truly about. Many thanks to the wives, the loyal friends and the behind the scenes people that helped us. No matter what, The Cryptones did "rock" and from my perspective from center stage, with the blinding lights, our stage tone was awesome. Anyone on the stage would have felt the power and especially our tone. Can't always get the recorded sound just right, but picky me was VERY happy on stage. I know that the boys and Miss Vicki would agree! I hope that the ones that were there will attest to our comments. Hope to do it again sometime! The Cryptones thank everyone. Jay horn blower, Chris, mr. thumper on bass, Rich the pounder on skins, Rick the string slinky on guitar, Doug the crooner on vocals, Mark the ripper on guitar, Vicki the ivory tickler on keys and vocals, Mike the instigator and guitar. Peace!

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Hey Mikey - I thought the whole thing was awesome! I'm so glad the Cryptones finally crept out into the lights. You all played some great tunes and the enthusiasm level in the audience was outta sight! I really had no idea how good you guys (and gal) were!! The costumes were fabulous, too! Never thought I'd see YOU in leather pants. And Krause in a Do-Rag? Get outta here. :) Don't make us wait so long next time!

I put the two YouTube posts on my Facebook page... check it out!

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

It's hard to believe you all could be so tight with two people coming from N.O and one from Milwaukee. Whatever practice sessions you were able to put together, were very effective.

Mike I have to say, you looked 15 years younger and 15 pounds thinner out there. Frontman really agrees with you. You sounded great.