Robin Heppell Previews the "Technology Track" at 2010 Convention

The amazing Funeral Futurist, Robin Heppell, was one of the friends we got to hang out with this week at the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association Convention in Atlantic City. The most technology-savvy person I know in this industry, Robin has graciously agreed to serve as Chair of our "Technology Track" at the 2010 ICCFA Convention.

Robin has put together a fantastic program which will go in-depth explaining how to implement new technologies at your business (and this is in addition to the excellent Technology Track keynote presentations by Tara Hunt and Ze Frank).

Here, Rob got out early in the morning and recorded an overview of the Technology Track while he was strolling the boardwalk. I happen to know he did not have his editing equipment with him, so this was done as straight shot with no cuts - which says a lot about this man's lucidity first thing in the am.

If he can do a video like this after rolling out of bed, imagine what he will do with months to prepare for the Technology Track in San Antonio.


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Thanks for the post (and props). I just wanted to share with the ICCFA group the tentative line up for the "How To - Hands On" sessions. The reason why we have chosen these topics is that they have the common thread that they are free resources available on line and there hasn't been any step x step guidance on how to use them as they apply to the funeral industry.

The Industry's First "How To" for Free Web Technology Track

How to use Facebook for Funeral Home and Cemetery
How to use Twitter for Funeral Home and Cemetery
How to create a Blog for your Funeral Home and Cemetery
How to use YouTube for your Funeral Home and Cemetery
How to create a top listing in Google Maps (Local Business Center)
Using all of Google's Free Tools for your Funeral Home or Cemetery

Your input please...

Are there specific questions about the above list that you want to have covered?
Are other topics that you want to have covered.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you when you attend the ICCFA 2010 convention!


I just tuned in to Robin's little video here and I am blown away - and it's still five months until the convention. What an GREAT way to market the technology track: Use the technology! Robin makes it all sound fascinating - and makes it sound so easy. You can bet that's where you'll find me during the ICCFA convention: the technology track!

My association - the newly re-christened Washington Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association - just had our Web site completely re-done (thanks, FuneralNet) and I'm a baby in this stuff. ( I'm so looking forward to learning more about how to get our association out there, and make it more timely and useful to both our members and the public in general. I think I may have created a Facebook page for our association months ago but I know for sure I've never done a thing with it. So here's my chance to do it again, and to do it the right way.

Thanks for the inspiring start to a dreary Thursday!

Judy Faaberg