K-9 Officer Memorial Service

Hello Fellow PLPA friends,

I will be having our first memorial service for a K-9 officer this Sunday. Does anyone have a "script" or anything they like to use at such a memorial service. Any information you can share is very appreciated!


I should have included my email - joey@ompsfuneralhome.com
Thank you!

Hi Joey - I'll email you what I did for the two dogs here in Indy.

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Three years ago I had a wonderful service for a K-9 lost in the line of duty. What is your personal email and I'll send you what I have. Colleen Ellis is working on this very issue with the IN State Police to set protocols in place, I would suggest you contact her also. Basically it mirrors a human police service. All services are donated and you'll want to let the media know that you are handling it. You may also want to get the word out to other k-9 police officers so they can bring their K-9's and be present at the service.

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We have a number of service dogs we are providing services for, due to the fact that we have several military bases in our town.

I would also appreciate you sending anything regarding the service you developed so we could review it and possibly use it for our military dogs.

I'll also contact Coleen Ellis about the service idea she has been working on.

Thank you.

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Please send the same to me at skyemstevens@msn.com.

Thank you.

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