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Greetings from the still-frozen north. I already tried to post this once but lost it so will try to re-write from memory. I hate computers.

On 12/17 I wrote about Nancy's and my big adventure caroming around the unplowed streets of Everett delivering bottles of wine. I really thought the snow would be gone by now.

Well, no, actually. We now have about eight inches of the stuff. Finally today I had the bright idea to ask our condo management folks to hire somebody to get in here and plow the streets and driveways. I can't even back my car out of the garage right now. A little while later I ran into the condo association president who said he'd called off the plow: it's supposed to snow again tomorrow and Wednesday.

When I moved in here - can't believe this is my sixth Christmas in my condo - I foolishly gave away all my gardening implements, including shovels. So I can't even clear off my front patio let alone driveway. So when Beaujolais needs to heed the call of nature we have to pick our way across the patio, down the driveway and to wherever the urge overtakes her. At least her broken toe seems to finally be healed so she isn't hopping around in her little bootie.

Everytime we go out I tuck my sweats into my big black sort of Doc Marten's boots and look like some deranged paratrooper. We don't have weather like this very often so we don't really know how to dress for it. We just pile on layer after layer until we look like the kid in A Christmas Story. Then we climb into our unsuitable cars, careen out of the driveway and almost immediately abandon our cars on the roadside. We don't know how to drive in snow, let alone dress for it.

Nancy offered to come and pick us up in her big brown 4x4 van so we could move in with her family until after Christmas but you know... I want one more night here surrounded by my twinkling Christmas decorations. So I spent the day wrapping gifts, organizing laundry, and fixing to pack. Beaujolais and I will allow her to snatch us tomorrow. My daughter Bonnijo and her husband Scott live in downtown Seattle, and they're marooned, too. We are hoping the buses will be running by Christmas Eve so they can come out to Nancy's. If not, I imagine she'll just plow on down to Seattle in the aforementioned van and get them. She's very family-oriented, loves Christmas, LOVES snow.

Happy Winter! Yesterday was the official Solstice and shortest day of the year. That means today will be longer! Yay!


Sounds brutal!

Sorry for all that and hope you get some transportation options soon.

Also sorry for problems posting - a piece of advice: If you find yourself writing something that seems to be going on a bit and you would not want to lose, select all, copy, and then open Word or Notepad and paste it in there, and continue writing there. Save it as "blog"- something, maybe with the date, and then when you are done go back over and post it into the window here.

I don't think we are going to keep having these problems, right now the ground is getting shifted beneath us as they fine tune the site. Soon that process will stop.

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I finally busted out of my garage Sunday night (the 28th). Yay!

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