Return to our usual drab Winter in the Northwest just in time for New Year's Eve!

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Hello my many friends and avid readers (snort):

The snow kept piling up right through Christmas until there was over a foot at my house, and over a foot-and-a-half at my Sister's house. Very picturesque.

On the 22nd I slipped on some icy bricks whilst attempting to shoo the dogs outside for a nature's call, crashed to the ground, struck my wrist on a pile of wood, bashed my back on another. I'm sure it was hilarious to watch. I was sure I'd fractured my wrist and it's still sore but functional.

Christmas Eve around midnight somebody got the bright idea to go sleeding (that would be Gordy, my brother-in-law). After making it about halfway down the hill I admitted defeat and staggered back up the hill and watched the others self-injure.

Now it's New Year's Eve and I finally got my car out of the garage Sunday night. It's raining/snowing, but most of the big piles are gone. We're back to our normal drab rainy Winter in the Northwest. To add to THAT fun I finally went to a doctor today and learned I have a raging sinus infection. Yippee.

I heard on the Today show - today, of course - that at midnight on New Year's Eve more people are kissing their dog than kissing other humans. Guess which one I'll be doing. Beaujolais is a dog, by the way. So we'll be snuggling on the couch, watching people try to blow up the Space Needle at midnight. Just like usual. The rest of you crazy people can go out and drive around dodging drunks. Happy New Year, everyone!


...and hope you are feeling better soon.