From snow to floods

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Well, disaster upon disaster strikes the Pacific Northwest. Remember the last few weeks and my hilarious tales of snow?

Those flat-earthers who still deny global warming, aka climate change, take note: parts of Washington are in the midst of their second or even third "hundred-year-flood" in just the past few years.

Spokane had, as of yesterday, according to news reports, six feet of snow on the ground (that's in Eastern Washington).

Western Washington is isolated. I-5, south of Olympia, is closed for twenty miles, either completely under water or soon to be. I-5 is the sole artery that runs north and south the full length of the western side of the state. To complete the isolation, both of our main mountain passes that connect us to the eastern side of the Cascades, I-90 and Highway 2, are closed due to avalanches and landslides, to re-open who knows when. These three closures bring all traffic, including commercial traffic, to a halt. Bad for businesses, bad for consumers.

An old highschool friend just emailed me some pictures of my hometown.

This is a shot of the street where I lived in 1966. Ferndale, Washington (about 15 miles south of the Canadian border). Our home was about two houses above the house at the top of the photo. My Ferndale correspondent tells me the water here is waist-deep on his six-feet-tall son. Said son's car and house are in the same zone.

This is a park, that's about 100 feet behind my old home, that during better times is a serene riverside idyll. Not so much right now!

Some parts of Western Washington received as much as eight inches of rain in a twenty-four-hour period yesterday.

At least the rain took care of the snow that would not leave. Spokane, however...still has snow.

More dispatches as something relevant occurs!