Convention rocked!

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Hey y'all

I've been attending the ACA/ICFA/ICCFA conventions since 1993 - I realize this makes me a neophyte in the eyes of many of you - but I have to say, I thought this year's was really great and maybe the best I've been to ever. Many kudos to Kidwiler and his team! Fabulous job!

As a state association exec, I was working the exhibit room seeking out new vendor members and so had a lot of opps to talk with them in depth. The vendors I talked with felt it was really wonderful for them both in terms of traffic and general ambiance.

The sessions I attended were dynamite. People I talked to who went to other sessions said the same thing. The social occasions were really well-done (see my comments about the Cryptones) and my only complaint was the shin-splints I developed slogging from my room to the convention center (it really was about a mile, I swear, judging by how long it took). It also really impacted my ability to wear some of the terrific shoes I'd packed. Shoes, which I might add, almost caused me to have to pay overweight luggage fees but the kind Alaska Airlines check-in agent let me shift things from one bag to another. Yes, my tendency to over-pack made me cough up $25 to check a second bag.

On the shin-splints note, I sure would like to have a golf-cart franchise in those enormous hotel/convention centers. But I'm told by hotel staff this would be a liability issue for them.

I've never been to San Antonio, but on the survey form where it asked what my plans are for attending next year's convention I checked "I definitely will attend."

Y'all should too!


Thank you Judy! It was great seeing you. We have heard nothing but positive feedback about the convention. Makes all the work and 'walking' worthwhile. Sorry about your shoes!! Unfortunately the larger we get there is no way working around avoiding the large and widely spread hotels and convention centers. See you soon.