Scattering from the family's point of view

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Please read this touching essay by Nicole Brodeur, a columnist for the Seattle Times, about her family scattering her mother's cremated remains. When Nicole wrote about her mother's death last year I emailed her and we corresponded for a little while about life, death and memories. I was glad to see this follow-up column. I posted it on my facebook page with the comment that while a lot of people in death care disapprove of scattering, and that I agree there should be a place to "visit" your loved one, that does not mean scattering can't be a meaningful, healing experience and form of disposition. Just a refreshing look at our profession from the point of view of those whom we serve.


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Thanks for sharing the article. I also found it to be touching. It was a way for the family to express what was meaningful to them, and that is what matters most.