ICCFA Chief Internal Operating Officer Search Committee


The ICCFA has formed a search committee for the selection of a new Chief Internal Operating Officer.  President Daniels has asked me to chair the committee with able committee members Paul Elvig, Nancy Lohman and Caressa Hughes.  The committee has met and formulated a process that we will be following to select our next CIOO.  Last week at the Fall Conference we met with Board members so they could share their thoughts, recommendations and experiences with respect to this process.  We also wanted to answer any questions members had with respect to this process.

For the members that were not at the Fall Conference or did not have the opportunity to join in the discussion, we wanted to open this Blog to give members a way to share their thoughts, recommendations, experiences and or answer questions.  Please feel free to post to this blog, I will share all input with committee members plus answer any questions you may have.  

In closing, I hope you all had a chance to see our San Francisco Giants win their first World Series!


I feel we are losing a winner. I say this because of having several opportunities of working with Joe on one on one and experiencing the tremendous success our association has accomplished under his reign on the inside. He always knew what he was doing and he did everything with an honest but very strong commitment and one of excellence. Joe never ceased to amaze me and was always a gentleman in each and every occasion we crossed each other's path. I think what I have just said indicates the tremendous and successful growth or our association has experienced on the inside. Most of the people on your board were not members when I began my membership in the ACA. Steve Morgan was the man then and Joe replaced him and that was done with reservations and caution, but look what happened. Nothing but improvements followed and as an outsider I followed him closely. Look at our trade publication, now one of the most appealing and impressive trade publications out there. I know Susan had a lot to do with this and she certainly deserves credit where credit is due, but she was under Joe's leadership.

Joe had an uncanny ability to handle most people with many different attributes, but flaws as well. I always thought he was a unique person in this area. Joe was never out for Joe. Joe was out for everyone else and that in itself has a lot to do with his uncanny ability to do what he did with such poise and professionalism. The thing is it was all natural and none of it was fabricated, it was just Joe, it is the way he was and is. He knew how to handle people and that is a very demanding job. As you all know, personnel is a very demanding responsibility and the more you have the more demanding it can be and usually is, but none the less, Joe always handled it with style and positive results. I have been with Joe when he was overwhelmed and basically worn out but no one would have ever known.

With all of this said and a lot not said, I feel finding a person should be based on the above along with your other criteria on who is selected. I cannot tell you who I feel would make a good candidate, but I could but won't tell you who I would not consider.

I will add that we are in a critical situation right now with finding Joe's replacement. I think what will be considered for this position will only be maybe 50% in a resume with the other in personal meetings with a good gut feeling. My gut feelings always are based on discernment that usually guides me in the right direction. Decision making is never easy in situations like this but with a true gift of discernment the decision making process can be much easier when discernment is used correctly. The bottom line is the true gift of discernment, or lack of, will surface in a group when a unanimous decision cannot or will not be made. When this happens the gift of discernment is not 100%. It has to be 100% with pray for the correct person to be chosen.

I will end with what I hope and strongly suggest that the final decision for the right person is done with writing the ya or na answer down on a piece of paper with each decision maker's name on the paper. This will reveal a lot of what is most important to know. Will everyone agree with my method, of course not. Does it work, yes.

Ken, you have taken on a major responsibility in this one, but on the other hand I cannot think of any one person that is more qualified, more honest and equally fair to all. That tells me that in the meeting that selected you to head this up was done with favor in your direction that may have been and probably was unanimous - so I will rest that a good amount of discernment is already in place, and with you heading this up - I knew it would be.

I pray that God will bless each and everyone of you with discernment in this process each and every step of the way. We need the right person to replace Joe and God knows who that person is. Allow God to direct all of you to the right person or bring the right person to you. Of course - you know this Ken, but I like saying it. This is not the time emotions should play a roll in the selection of the right person. By this I mean people making decisions because of good emotions that may exist because of what someone has done in previous or other positions in our association.

Hope my 2 cents helps. By the way thanks for your prayers for my wife. She had emergency surgery Monday at 6 in the morning with complications. She is okay now but has to take three weeks to recover and then get ready for one and maybe two more. We accept all the prayers and answers to prayers we can get. Prayer works and prayer will work and is needed in replacing Joe. Of course you know that Ken.

That was an overly positive commentary, my friend, but thank you for it - I fully appreciate the spirit in which it was given. Susan really has made the magazine what it is over the past decade with zero input from me (although I will take credit for helping Linda think of ways to keep Susan happy here!)

It has been an honor to get to know you. Good news on your wife! She will remain in my prayers.

Thanks. We will stay in touch.

Dear Anomymous,

On behalf of the committee thank you for the comments and suggestions. I agree with everything you have said. Please keep me posted on your wife's recovery, my thoughts and prayers are with her and you. Very grateful for your friendship.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,