Want to Spy on Your Competitors?

Just finished watching a presentation by Robin Heppell on "How to Spy on Your Funeral Competitors."

Well worth the 18 minutes, and it's free!

A couple of my reactions:

  • Rob extols the virtues of using Firefox over Internet Explorer. Yea! I couldn't agree more. Nor could my husband, as he so adamantly explained in this post.
  • Rob repeatedly advises viewers to use the information he provides responsibly. I'll echo that.
  • The Quarkbase.com thingy Rob shows us how to use is very, very cool. I looked up iccfa.com on it, and was pleased to find that our rankings are skyrocketing (which is probably due in large part to the fact that the iccfa.com site is new vs. our former icfa.org site). However, I was perplexed to find that our site language is listed as "Croatian." Weird.

Want to learn lots of cool stuff about your own site and your competitors'? Check out Rob's video at: http://www.funeralfuturist.com/how-to-spy-funeral-competitor/