Tony and Tina's Wedding at OFDA

Joe, Julie and I have had a lot of fun exhibiting this week at the Ohio Funeral Directors Convention. I could regale you with stories of the speakers we've listened to, folks we've met, members we've hung out with, etc., but I'm going to skip to the silly stuff: Tony and Tina's Wedding, the OFDA banquet entertainment troupe.

If you haven't seen this interactive dinner theater show, be sure to check it out when it comes to your town.

Here's Joe with the wedding planner himself. If this guy ever decides to start doing funerals, he's gonna have a certain demographic cornered. Just sayin'.

Here's our good friend, Frank Rosenacker enjoying a dollar dance with the lovely bride.

And here are two of our tablemates, Diane and Susan from National Mortuary Shipping. I only wish they could've loosened up a bit and enjoyed themselves....