What Does Marilyn Manson Have in Common with the ICCFA Fall Management Conference?

Marilyn Manson

Any Marilyn Manson fans out there? OK, well, me neither. But I do like this quote from him:

Follow the crowd, and you will never be followed by the crowd.

If there's one thing we try to do with ICCFA's conference programs, it's avoid following the crowd. In fact, we take a look at what other organizations have planned for their programs and specifically head in the opposite direction.

Does this always work? No, not always. We've had some hits and some misses. But we figure the hits are a lot more likely to make an impact than if we'd just recycled existing content.

Having just put to bed our 2010 Fall Management Conference program, I can say with great certainty that our program chairs, Darin Drabing and Fred Lappin, are not following the crowd. In fact, they've put together a conference that is unlike anything any group in our industry -- including the ICCFA -- has ever seen before.

Darin and Fred are bringing in instructors from the Wharton School of Business (yes, that Wharton School of Business) and an executive education program at Stanford University (yes, that Stanford University).

John Austin, Ph.D., and William Malek are the best of the best in high-level management education and are the top experts in the field of strategic planning and execution. Each is putting together a three-hour interactive, customized program for our attendees. If you want a taste of an elite MBA program that has been tailored to your needs without the usual prohibitive cost and time commitments, you won't want to miss this one.

Find out more here.

Now I just need to decide who looks more like Marilyn -- Darin or Fred -- Hmm....