Report from Vegas: The Future Is Bright, Indeed

Joe and I had a great trip to Vegas last week. Ah, the sacrifices we do make for you folks!

On Thursday, we met with our reps at Mandalay Bay to check out our space for March 2011. Two words: Awe. Some.

Our Expo and General Session room is humongous ... lots of space to try some new things and to grow, both of which we plan to do. And perhaps best of all, it is the very, very, very first hall you come to when you round the corner from the Shark Reef. Less walking for you! And me! Yay!

On Friday, we spent the day over at Bally's with 15 members of the ICCFA Sales & Marketing Committee. In my many trips to Vegas, I'd never been to Bally's, but, wow! Tons of great restaurants, bars and shops ("You know, honey, we'll have some room in our suitcase once we get rid of all those handouts for the meeting.") and, of course, the casino. I lost $50, which may not sound like much, but considering the machines I was playing ... well, let's just say that's a lot of pennies.

Anyway, the committee spent a full day planning a fantastic program for the Wide World of Sales, January 12-14 at Bally's. While we were there, we of course had a chance to check out our space for the conference, and again, it's terrific and gives us room to shake things up a little, which the committee has done. We'll be announcing the details on that program in the next few weeks, so mark your calendars and keep your eyes open. In the meantime, here are a couple of teasers to get you started: Gitomer-Certified Speaker Noah Rickun; The Sales Whisperer.

Many thanks to the committee members for their hard work. Those who were able to make it to our meeting (and were kind enough to venture into the 105-degree Vegas heat for a photo) were: (top row, from left) Ty Lohman, Kevin Gaffney, Stu Irwin and Andres Aguilar; (bottom row, from left) Doug Gober, Lisa Marshall, Paul Goldstein, Kathleen Berry, Program Co-Chair Ken Coffey, Kim Medici-Shelquist, Detlef Taylor, Linda Jankowski, Mark Young and Program Co-Chair Rick Miller. (Not shown: Tim Lancaster, who had to catch an early flight.)

Thanks to their efforts and the work of many other ICCFA volunteers, the association is on track for a bright 2011.