Lighting a pet memorial candle can aid in the healing process

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We created this instruction sheet for pet crematories, vet clinics, and retail stores to use with our in loving memory dog/cat lovers candles to aid in the healing process. We share this with you in the hopes that it will bring your clients much comfort during this difficult time.  This instruction sheet can be used with our in loving memory dog lover/cat lovers candle or your own. 


With gratitude,

Claire Chew Gillenson

Claire Gillenson, M.A. Life Transition Coach/Grief Specialist
-Transforming loss and hardships into happiness-  Pet Loss Educator
T: 310.314.9837 F:310.861.8963



When we experience loss, rituals and routines we’ve enjoyed with an animal companion are

also lost. It can be easy to feel lonely and isolated. One of the ways we begin to heal is by

creating new habits and patterns to integrate into a new way of being. It is believed by many

that the candle represents the soul continues to reach up to all there is, a symbol of our pets'

soul in its journey to rejoin the light of a higher power, God, or faith. By lighting a candle,

we create new rituals to honor the memories we have shared with our pet. is arms our

beloved pet will always be with us on our journeys.

Suggestions for times to light

the candle:

-After waking up

-What would have been feeding time

-What would have been walking time

-After returning home from work

-Snuggle time at night

-When you are missing your beloved pet

-When you are reminded by a story or a memory

-When the pet came into your life

-Religious day for remembering loved ones

-Pet’s birthday

-Anniversary of Pet’s transition


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