Louisiana Cemetery burys Police Officer Killed in Line of Duty

     This cemeterian was in awe last Thursday as his cemetery buried Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office Deputy Cpl. J.R. Searcy.  Cpl. Searcy  died on March 6, 2010 from a gun shot wound he received on March 4. The assailant was killed by another Deputy during the shoot out. Cpl. Searcy was surived by a wife and three children.  The service at the church was attended by over two thousand mourners.  The procession was over 4 miles long and lasted 1 hour and ten minutes.  Police officers from all over the country attended.  Officers from Chicago, Ill., Cleveland, Ohio, many parts of Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi attended, as well as hundreds from all over Louisiana. One bystander counted over 350 marked police units. Eight mounted officers on horses and 50 K-9 units were also in attendance. As a cemeterian this was an honor and a privilage for me to be able to serve Cpl. Searcy's family and all of the people in attendance. It was an honor that they chose our cemetery. The Attorney General of the State of Louisiana was also in attendance and he made the comment to a friend that he had just witnessed the Super Bowl of funeral's.  If you have never witnessed what is called "the last call of a police officer" it is a touching tribute to a fallen officer.  The "last call" ended the ceremonies at the cemetery and it went like this. The dispatcher sends out a radio transmission to Searcy.  After several calls by the dispatcher and moments of silence. The dispatcher announces that Searcy is 10-7 "out of service" and 10-42 "gone home".  Not a dry eye was in the cemetery during this touching tribute. If you would like to see pictures of the ceremony go to www.pattystewartphotography.com, click on order or view on line, then click on events and ceremonies, then click on Cpl. JR Searcy funeral.