Do Funeral Have Value


Dear Friends and Neighbors:
            There have been many times in our experiences as funeral directors where we have been asked this question. The answer lies in the form of a question; “What Is Value?”
1.      Value according to “Webster’s Dictionary”, is a fair return of goods, services, or money for something exchanged
2.      The amount of money something is worth
3.      Something (as a belief) that is valuable or desirable
4.      Worth, or importance in comparison with something else.
The majority of us today look at value as the combination of definitions listed above. A fair return for the amount of money you have agreed to pay and something (as a belief) that is valuable and desirable. . 
Growing up in a very traditional heritage, we were taught at an early age to respect your elders, speak when spoken to and most of all honor thy mother and father. So in accordance to that long standing tradition, when our father passed away, we honored him as such. We found value in providing our father with a funeral that represented his life and our teachings.
Value, however, can be determined in many ways to many people with the same foundation of family, tradition and honor. In many societies and religious beliefs, alternative choices are the norm and have been for many years.
There is no right or wrong when making final arrangements for a loved one, as long as we honor their life with some type of tribute. Be it a full service funeral where we have a visitation, ceremony and burial at a cemetery, a full service cremation, where the final disposition is carried out at a later date, or a simple cremation with a memorial service. 
The plain truth of it is that all of these have value to us in one-way or another. They all meet the criteria of value. The main point we are trying to make is that the celebration of one’s life is the value. The gathering of family and friends to honor our loved one’s existence and the measure of how we honor them is the essence of value. So again we ask, “Do Funerals Have Value?”
We believe they do.